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Saturday Thoughts ~ 4/19

*nobody really forgets anything

*except happy times; we always forget the good. the sad sets around for awhile, builds a home around us

*i love my parents… 8 more words


How I learned that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Saturday lunch was a big deal when I was little. Saturday was my Mother’s ‘Day off’ from us and from the house in general. Where she went or what she did was never of much concern to us. 461 more words


Wherever I May Roam

So it’s been a couple of days since I last wrote anything, apologies….the weather has been amazing and I’ve mainly been out enjoying it sun beating down on my skin!!! 276 more words

Hello Internetz.

No. This is not coming at you from the year 300X0-Alpha-Epsilon-Ygrec-A.D.-Yellow-1-3-1. Nor is this written by a middle aged woman going through menopause (no offense to those of you who are). 453 more words


Let's talk: Saturday life|Purrfectgirl


I am one of those people who eagerly waits for Saturday to hit me with its dawn light.

So how exactly do I spend that day?! 320 more words

Let's Talk

still saturday

planting potatoes

bury in ground (like a grave)

wait…green sprouts will rise

Why sympathy isn't ALWAYS the answer

Alright, hear me out for this one please.  I’m not saying you should never have sympathy for people (c’mon I’m not heartless you know!), but think about it.  370 more words