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04/22/2014 - Ephemeris - Where are those bright planets this week?

Ephemeris for Wednesday, April 23rd.  The sun rises at 6:45.  It’ll be up for 13 hours and 52 minutes, setting at 8:37.   The moon, 1 day past last quarter, will rise at 4:06 tomorrow morning. 307 more words

Ephemeris Program

Astro Weather - April 23rd 2014

Tomorrow morning the Moon trines Mars, creating that get up and go kind of mood, but is squared throughout the day by Saturn. You may be in that get up and go kind of mood but you should take account for setbacks. 88 more words

The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO part 2

The filter was placed in front of the sun on Feb 14, 2014 This filter is called the pit. Eventually all the citizen that have been convicted of genocide, murder, crime against humanity and so on will be be placed in the pit. 446 more words

How Would We Get to Enceladus ?


Welcome to the third post post from the Science Geek. This post continues my previous two posts and discusses how we might get to Saturn’s moon Enceladus, which many scientists now believe is the most likely place in the solar system, other than the Earth, to harbour life. 748 more words


A new moon on Saturn

BBC London-Scientists say they have
discovered what could be the birth of a new moon in the rings of Saturn. Informally named Peggy, the object would become the 63rd moon in Saturn‘s orbit – if confirmed. 227 more words


Saturn Returns

What can I say about Laura Jean?
She came into my life one summer at Girl Scout camp, we were both barely ten. I still remember clearly the sailor mouth on that girl, but the troop leaders had to hold back their ire because she was after all adopted, aware, and obviously full of internal turmoil. 546 more words