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What Decade Is It?

All men employed by SAU and the spouses of female employees are cordially invited to attend.


Pentecost 2

This past weekend, I photographed  the Pentecost 2 meetings for GYCSE, on the campus of Southern Adventist University.  The speaker was Jeff Marshall.  As the meetings were held in Thatcher Chapel the lighting on during most of the meetings was less than optimal.   87 more words


Cách khử thuốc trừ sâu trên rau quả nhanh nhất

Người đi chợ có thể phát hiện hoá chất trong rau quả bằng cách đơn giản là ngửi và nhúng vào nước. Nếu ngửi nhanh thấy mùi hắc và hôi thì trong đó còn dư lượng của thuốc trừ sâu. 539 more words

To the high school days

It has been said that high school would be the best four years of anybody’s life. The phrase has lived up to its potential. High school is the adventure that every child dreams of fulfilling, and every adult longs to return to. 1,134 more words


St. Ambrose Lacrosse Building Tradition

In their first year as a sport at St. Ambrose, the lacrosse teams knows this year is big for the future of the program.


St. Ambrose Lacrosse Wins Home Opener

St. Ambrose Lacrosse team plays first ever home game.


Supporters rally for St. Ambrose stadium

St. Ambrose University’s plans to build a new stadium and sports complex have drawn vocal opposition from neighbors, but now, supporters of the proposed stadium are ready to fight back. 366 more words