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First Lady Causes Uproar For Not Wearing Headscarf In Saudi Arabia

First Lady Michelle Obama cause a bit of a controversy with Saudi Arabian Twitter users during her visit to their country on Tuesday for not having her head covered. 68 more words


Wow! Ted Cruz praises Michelle Obama!

Times like these call for special attention.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TEA Party Nation, has actually said something complimentary about the first lady of the United States of America. 244 more words

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Michelle Obama Headscarf “Scandal” Draws Fire

Michelle Obama’s absent headscarf on a visit with President Barack Obama to pay respects to the late Saudi King Abdullah Tuesday has sparked outrage among some members of the U.S. 756 more words


About Michelle's missing head scarf in Saudi Arabia....

I like to “lurk” this hilarious “Being Liberal” page. Yeah, I called it “hilarious” ’cause this page really is. I just read it for laughs ’cause the page is full of misinformed and ridiculous memes… and all the comments on this page are just uneducated at best. 358 more words


Saudi Arabia's Status As A Religious Focus Complicated Human Rights

With the succession of Salman to the Saudi crown at the loss of King Abdullah, there is a strong discussion on the future progression of human rights in Saudi Arabia. 694 more words

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Fatima Naoot and The Intended Sacrifice of Isaac

Egyptian poet Fatima Naoot threatened with imprisonment, for saying the intended sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham was a nightmare and the sacrificing of animals during Eid Al-Adha is a massacre. 1,284 more words


Saudi King’s death brings visits by Obama, Cameron, Erdogan


The death of King Abdullah, a close U.S. ally who used Saudi oil wealth to ward off political change after the Arab Spring, prompted world leaders including U.S. 343 more words

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