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Why Are We Still Surprised By Anticipated Events

People come, people go. We knew that.That’s obvious part of living. The saying “common sense is not a common practice” holds some truth though.

Last Monday, another fellow came into our apartment. 528 more words

Sunset Beach

Recently, a group of us (about thirty) were invited to be guests of a Saudi family at their private beach house. Some of our hosts have been successful businessmen who live a comfortable and affluent lifestyle (not uncommon for Saudis) with multiple homes, nice cars, and for this family, even a private yacht. 820 more words

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Why I Don't Give a Shit About ISIS

Q. Why don’t you give a shit about ISIS?

A. Check this out – I was just reading about Isis on Wikipedia and there is a well-respected Egyptolygist named… 3,164 more words


Open Letter to President Obama and Prime Ministers Cameron, Hollande, Rutte, Harper and Abbott


 I fully understand and commend your decision to bomb ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq. As everyone is now aware, this organisation is truly barbaric and has already caused unparalleled suffering in the region with its savage attacks on Christians, Yezidis, Shia’s and Kurds. 616 more words

More "work"... BLS class

September 18, 2014

One thing I’ve learned about Saudi Arabia… everything is a process… a generally fairly lengthy and slow moving process… and there’s a process for the process for the process! 290 more words

Libya’s OPEC Governor Calls For Cut Of 500,000/BPD In Oil Output

Libya’s OPEC Governor Samir Kamal has called for the group to cut oil output by at least 500,000 barrels per day as its largest members discount supplies in an effort to defend market share instead of cutting production to boost prices, according to a report by Bloomberg. 281 more words

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