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Washington to Play Bigger Role in Yemen Terror Fight

The United States is continuing airstrikes against al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen while facing questions about how to carry on such operations without a trusted partner on the ground following the collapse of the country’s fragile, pro-Western government. 1,287 more words

Middle East

Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Government's Embarrassing Friend - J.D. Tuccille

One of the sad facts of maintaining a role as a world policeman is that you have to keep some pretty scurvy company. That’s fine if you’re all-in with your imperial ambitions, like ancient Rome. 241 more words


Yemen crisis: A coup in all but name -BBC

Yemen slips further into chaos.

“The true extent of Houthi ambition is unclear; but the fact that they did not kick Mr Hadi out of the presidency or claim the premiership indicates they prefer to control from behind the scenes by placing their members in ministries and high-level government positions. 94 more words

1.26.15: Humanism

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL), a United Nations body tasked with encouraging economic coordination, released a preliminary report today in which it reports a number of interesting findings on Venezuela. 638 more words

Daily Update

Recent Issues Exacerbating Middle East Problems

By Sal Bommarito

The bad news emanating from the Middle East and neighboring countries has been non-stop for quite some time. At first glance, the events seem unrelated and pose little risk to those of us who live thousands of miles away. 882 more words


When the Stone Age ended

The stone age didn’t end because they ran out of stones.

Watching the falling oil prices has been fascinating. Saudi Arabia has clearly been at the heart of the continued high production that is driving it, but it’s never been clear to me why they would want to, effectively, reduce their income and deplete a finite resource. 430 more words