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Saudi Cheat Sheet

When people learn I live in Saudi Arabia, the first question tends to be, “So what’s it like there?” A big question. But given enough time (say, a meal, rather than a cash-register transaction), the conversations tend to cover the same ground. 1,789 more words

Foreign Girl

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I’m in the U.S. now, doing what both expats and a lot of Saudis treat as necessary: getting out of Saudi Arabia. I wasted no time beginning my Celebration of Swine: straight off the plane and into a sweet pork Mexican salad, followed by a ham dinner, followed by ham-and-bean soup the next day, followed by tacos carnitas the day after that. 1,680 more words


Modest Is...Oh, Come On

There can be mixed messages in Saudi Arabia about what is and isn’t appropriate:

That shot comes from my TV, where we’re watching a show through our local satellite provider called “Wine-Quest,” and yes, those are Arabic subtitles. 1,407 more words


Funny to You, Maybe

Every culture has its own taste in comedy.

This may have come from an American movie, but Americans have never cared much for it. Instead, the French find Jerry Lewis HILARIOUS. 1,492 more words


Saudi News Notes: The Twitter Tease

You know how doctors are figuring out how to use your own genetic material in therapies that target your specific ailment? Or horror movies where some weird power taps into your psyche to design the ultimate adversary for you? 1,282 more words