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Some Things Are Puzzles

A lot of things about Saudi Arabia puzzle me. This sign, for instance. It puzzles me:

I thought it might be advertising a new indoor playland (all the malls have them—outdoor parks are rare, hot, and dirty). 1,859 more words

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Buckle Up, Kids: Driving in Saudi Arabia

I’ve been putting off this post for some time because I didn’t have the sufficient video or photos to do it justice. I’ve finally concluded I will NEVER have sufficient material to do it justice. 1,993 more words

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Say Yes to the Dresses: Report from a Saudi Wedding

Consider the number of times you have told a child “No, you have to eat your dinner before you get dessert.” Consider the metaphor you would use to describe the number. 1,878 more words

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Behind the Walls

I got a note last week from a Saudi gentleman who appreciated a post and especially other expats’ positive comments about life in Saudi Arabia (his comment will be the last or nearly), and then said, “What I read is all about personal experiences. 1,368 more words

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Saudi News Notes: That Old Black Magic

Baseball players are a notoriously superstitious lot. Lucky socks, rally hats, pre-game rituals, all as much a part of the game as the ball itself. My beloved Colorado Rockies, while on a record-breaking winning streak years ago, were noticed wearing the same dark vests at every game. 1,592 more words

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