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20 December

Here in Finland it is common to go to the sauna either before or during Christmas. It feels good and makes you clean. When you travel a lot you are not always so clean, and actually I was quite dirty after our long trip (like the picture on the left). 40 more words


Sauna Solitude: Taking A Moment

We are once again at the end of one year and on the cusp of a new one. While this is a time for friends, family, and fun, we also find ourselves seeking peace, reflection, and renewal. 112 more words


Centre Parcs - Day 2

Had to wake up early this morning as us girls booked a session at Centre Parcs’ Aqua Sana for 9am. Was a long, cold walk to the spa but it was worth it. 129 more words

Centre Parcs

Wine tasting in Porvoo

Yesterday we had an other Christmas party of my work place (which I btw love). We took a bus from Helsinki and drove one hour to Porvoo, a cute little city a bit outside of Helsinki. 184 more words

Fabulous Everyday

An unsavoury comment.

All is well in the sauna: the coal is steaming, the people are sweating and the occupants are mercifully silent. A large man (why are they all just so big?) sits next to me, panting slightly; normal behaviour but still a bit weird. 140 more words


An Earthworm in his Sauna.

Day Ten.

Graduation day finally came Friday, but not without a trial by fire. Well, as close to fire as you can get.

After four days of classes and lectures, our “final exam” so to speak, was a two-hour long scenario in which we had to apply the things we’d learned throughout the week to four separate patient cases, all taking place in the mock ETU. 1,263 more words