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German relaxation

So, I’m going to start with Germany as this is where I first got into saunas, and I think it’s still a great place.

Germans take saunas as seriously as they take anything generally, with subtle humour and a love of knowing the rules (how else can you break them!) Take a little time to get to know German sauna etiquette and you’ll have a great time, as Germany is full of saunas of all types, and here relaxation or, as they call it, wellness is serious business. 183 more words


A beginners guide...

So, to the average Brit mention a European sauna and they fall about in fits of giggles, or are just totally shocked imagining god knows what…to us Saunas are maybe somewhere we would spend 10 minutes at the end of other exercise if we’re lucky enough to belong to some swanky health club, with swimmers on and towels wrapper tightly. 293 more words