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Apologising to my Kombucha - why I need this fermentation course!

You know how sometimes you do stuff and even though you’re not really sure what you’re doing you just do it anyway and kinda hope for the best? 342 more words

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Amsterdam Mashed Potatoes

While casting about for something to do with the pound or so of left over sauerkraut in my refrigerator I came across this recipe. I am not sure what, if anything, it has to do with Amsterdam although it is similar to Boerenkool Stampott—mashed potatoes with kale—which does seem to be typically Dutch. 573 more words

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Pressure Canning Homemade Sweet Saurkraut and Sausage

Homemade Sweet Saurkraut and Sausage Canned

Who doesn’t like sauerkraut? Okay, I know a few who don’t but its usually because of, well, what I shall call the ‘pucker’ factor. 495 more words

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Christmas Sauerkraut soup

Already mentioned famous sauerkraut soup! Now when you know how to prepare your own sauerkraut due to my previous post we can get to the best part. 363 more words