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Sticky Lamb Sausage Rolls

I have now officially lost my pre-made pastry virginity. I always had it in my head that it was cheating to buy pastry and so have only ever made it myself – that was until time seemed to speed up and I realised that if I wanted to eat these delicious sausage rolls (or something of the like) then I would just have to bite the bullet and buy it, and I hate to say it but I think I’m converted. 422 more words


Chicken and Tarragon Rolls

A party favourite in Australia are sausage rolls. The traditional sausage roll is made of minced sausage meat rolled in puff pastry and served with tomato sauce. 327 more words



Focaccia dough with tomato, onion and garlic added; left to rise then chorizo, sausage, olives, cherry tomatoes and mozarella pressed into the dough.  Light covering of finely grated cheddar cheese and baked for 25 mins @200C.   54 more words



Everyone was quite tired after all the walking around Belgium and London, so bit of a late start this morning as everyone caught up on some sleep. 426 more words

Our new menu is now available! When are you coming to try it out?

Just in time for summer our new menu has arrived!

Take a look at the fresh and tasty new dishes, as well as the new variations of all of your favourites! 16 more words


Chorizo and apple rolls

A spicy alternative to a tasty snack.

Makes 12

  • Small knob of butter
  • 1 apple, peeled and diced
  • 1 chorizo sausage
  • 375g pack ready roll puff pastry…
  • 130 more words

Where to find the best public toilets and red-eyed ducks in London

What London park combines excellent public toilets, red-eyed ducks, a sausage roll dog, Asian babies and many other wholesome delights? I can reveal that Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets contains all of these MUST-HAVE park amenities. 568 more words