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Cheat's Chorizo Sausage Rolls

I enjoy most things wrapped in pastry, but these are truly yummy. Not only that but they are so quick and simple AND it looks like you have put in lot more effort than you actually have. 185 more words


Jamie Oliver's Homemade Sausage Rolls

I’ve always found that shop-bought sausage rolls can be really hit and miss; often that bit too stodgy and greasy for my liking.

I’ve had, however, homemade varieties — and always loved them — in the past so I decided to make them for myself.  120 more words


Cook this: pork, macadamia, cranberry & sage sausage rolls

I follow what could probably be considered as almost too many food and cooking blogs; too many only in the sense that my eyes are already bigger than my stomach, and I can only cook and eat too so much. 463 more words

Cook This! (recipes)

Afternoon treats at Dean Street Townhouse

This Georgian delight boasts both a generous and delicious afternoon tea in the great setting that is Soho.

The classic (and personal favourite piece of decor) checkered black and white tiled floors and dark oak finishes ensure you’re at ease in your leather coveted booth, yet provide a feeling of quality and sophistication alongside the treat induced menu. 203 more words


Caramelised onion, olive and rosemary spelt rolls

So you guys all know how we feel about meat. We’re pragmatic vegetarians, as we like to call ourselves. We love meat, but a few years ago, we became aware of how much of an impact consuming a lot of meat can have on the environment, and on our health. 934 more words

Hearty Sausage Rolls

Do you ever sit at the dinner table negotiating with your kids to get them to try just one vegetable? Our Mr 2 has refused to eat dinner for the past few months. 271 more words



You know those celebrity interviews – the kind they print on the back page of the magazine? Where they ask the actor to describe themselves in five words: ‘Prettier and richer than you’ – why don’t they all say that? 804 more words

Tips From The Crap Cook's Kitchen