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mother earths kindness

mother earth is so kind

she lets plants grow

she lets birds fly

she lets humans live

and after all these

humans betray her

takes advantage of her… 71 more words


mother earths fury

Why is the world turning hot

is it because the sun is becoming hotter

is it because of our teachers anger

is it because of my imaginary dragon… 92 more words


Save Trees Save Earth

                                                                                                     Article Written By: Faizan Khan

Trees are a important fundamental to life of human being on Earth but in this time of urbanization look like there importance is of not much relevance to most of us. 201 more words

Make Earth Beautiful

The Earth from Space (Breathtaking View of Our Only Home)

Ladies and Gentleman, you are about to be stunned. The video below shows the Earth (Our Only Home), as seen from the “International Space Station” (ISS) orbiting in Space. 172 more words

Humans are Stupid (Overall)

Humans are ducking stupid (Overall).

Here are some examples of it I found on the Web:

294 more words