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Armillae cum verbis politicis aut pacificentibus. Wristbands with political or with peaceful messages.

Heri contendebatur pilā clavāque inter Indicos et Britannicos. Lusor Britannicus, Moeen Ali nomine, armillas gestabat in quis verba ‘Palestina Liberanda’ et ‘Gaza Curanda’ scripta erant. 187 more words


Today, Israel Agreed To Refrain Infiltration to Gaza for 12 Hours

Israel has agreed to a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire in fighting with militants in the Gaza Strip to start at 8 a.m. (0500 GMT) on Saturday, a military spokeswoman said. 328 more words


What can YOU do for your Ummah today? [Infographic Poster]

It is no doubt that all that’s happening in the Ummah today deeply troubles the hearts and minds of many of us.

The question is: what can we, as a Muslims, do about it? 34 more words


Disclaimer: The following story is based on true events. However the places and people mentioned are figments of my imagination, the former being only very loosely based on reality. 1,351 more words