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Take on the Waste Less Challenge!

If you have pledged to reduce your food waste we have the solution for you: take on our challenge!

Once you sign up you will receive weekly emails for 4 weeks filled with tips and some key tasks we would like you to do. 73 more words

Food Waste

It's Cheaper to Eat Healthy. No Really.

Food-Flavored Calories For Cheap

Have you seen that “Hungry Planet” photoessay that’s making its way around Facebook again?  It is a series of photographs of families around the world posing with a week’s worth of food.   509 more words

Home Security & Homeowners Insurance Discounts Part 1: Why the Discount

Hand down the best part about having a home security system installed in your home is the protection it provides for your family and the peace of mind it give 24 hours a day know you are protected. 250 more words

Celebrate Earth Day AND Save Money!

You don’t have to get solar panels or have your house stink like a compost heap in order to be green! Use these simple tips to save a little cheddar while celebrating Earth Day. 195 more words


5 Ways to Literally Find Money in Your House

Here are some ways you may find money in your home.

1. Money Lying Around. Some people have lots of this; I don’t. I did find some coins for the coin jar, and my biggest score was finding gift cards that still had money on them. 365 more words

Personal Finance

Earth Day

Today we celebrate Earth Day.  Here are some great ways to honor this day:

  • Plant a tree! (or 2)
  • Clean up the litter on an area of the roadways near you.
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Mountain Cottage Soaps

7 tips to save on using coupons

There are several tips that a person can use in order to have the most money on their groceries by using coupons.

1. Organize your coupons… 638 more words

Personal Finance