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Canadian Rebates

Below is a list of Rebates eligible to Canadians. Hope they help you save.

If you know of any others, please let us know. There’s a form to enter them at the bottom of this post. 147 more words

$25 OFF at Walmart!

If you are shopping at Walmart anyway this season, then take advantage by signing up for a Walmart credit card and getting a $25 statement credit. 136 more words

Save Money

Weekly Tip #2

Unplug appliances that you can when they’re not in use. Ex: unplug the toaster overnight. Those appliances are still sucking up energy, even though they’re not in use. 9 more words


The Beauty Blogger's Guide to NOT Going Broke on Black Friday

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking a lot. With the holidays starting this week and since most holiday sales have already begun, I’ve been seeing so many holiday beauty value kits and Black Friday steals. 851 more words


Lost Passport Recovery When Traveling Internationally

A lost passport doesn’t need to ruin your vacation while traveling internationally.

If it happens to you, contact the closest consulate (or embassy) to report your lost passport. 69 more words


Cost of WiFi on Airplanes

Now that the FAA has allowed electronic devices to be used during your entire flight, the airlines are rushing to meet the demand for WiFi and cell service. 98 more words


Quality Auto Repair

For a lot of people, their car is like another (or only) child for them.  They go through cycles of loving it, hating it, and caring for it.   108 more words

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Sure, auto care can be expensive, and I can’t think of a single person that doesn't want to save a little more money.  The fact is that when you choose quality auto repair over whatever the lowest cost option is, in the long run, you’ll still save money.  Cheap repairs general don’t have the lasting value, and lead to more repairs down the road.  If you get what you need done right the first time, isn't that better?