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Celebrate Earth Day!

Just as you can boost your own happiness by helping other people, you can also boost your happiness by helping your surroundings! By improving the environment you live in, and the earth around you, your day-to-day life will reap the benefits. 297 more words


Ranchers in Nevada treated like Indians!

The Nations of America have all a long history of USA changing boundaries on their native land. Treaties are meant to be broken by the USA with the native Indian nations. 313 more words


Solutions To Reuse, Re-Purpose and Recycle Plastic Bags

Research tells us that plastic grocery bags consume less energy to produce, transport and recycle than paper sacks. The dilemma is that the vast majority of them don’t get recycled. 203 more words


Save the Earth!

I have just read another article about a planet being possibly able to support life.  I have been seeing these kinds of articles lately that it is pretty tiring and disturbing. 376 more words

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Riding A Bike Keeps The Doctor Away

Bike-sharing can not only get people out of gas-guzzling, greenhouse-gas emitting modes of transportation, but it can now be a prescribed treatment to help fight obesity. 160 more words

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Crisis - A nursery rhyme for the 21st century

I’m having an existential crisis
Half the reason why is
All this shit that we’ve been buyin’
Is based upon a lie and
Artificial pricing…
61 more words