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Deforestation Before My Eyes.

You know the times they blab on and on about how we must save the earth, which is going to die anyways, but you still try to because you can’t bear to see animal and plant lives being taken? 258 more words

Human Development International

Very proud to support this incredible organization, ‘Human Development International’, and their call to save the mountains of the earth.

You can find out more about this great cause here: http://www.hdevintl.org/2014/06/blog-post_18.html… 20 more words


It we were having Coffee at Gene'O's place!


Well this  is so nice of you Gene’O  inviting us  all over  to yours  for a coffee , I am really pleased to accept  not least  of all because I have been doing  the Sunday, ‘If we were having coffee’ along  with your  Diana , who is part of your  group  at   770 more words

Eco - Friendly Fashion

Nowadays in fashion, the words “eco-friendly and “organic” are thrown around a lot. This is a good thing, except sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between a brand that is actually helping to make the planet a better place and one that is just riding the “eco” bandwagon. 273 more words