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The Poor Mentality

A while ago I read an article on the habits of poor people that keep them poor. One in particular stood out to me. Poor people, when suddenly faced with extra money, say from a large tax return or inheritance will almost always spend that money straight away on all the things they’ve had to go without because they are poor. 995 more words


Save Money!

As a full time student who isn’t working that much due to injury, and waiting on my insurance money to come in (like it was supposed to a month ago), I try and find every way to save my money yet still satisfy my shopping needs. 982 more words

Pennies . .......................... From the Desk of Cree

” Pennies”                       Apr 23, 2004

A few months while at work I decided to buy a couple of piggy banks to start saving change. I bought 3  for myself, and decided that I would put one up and use the other two for my quartes, dimes, and nickels. 576 more words

Get back to Your Life! 5 Apps that Protect Your Time

I have some sort of mental gauge that goes off every time an app wastes my energy with useless bullshit or confusing UI. Once this gauge fills up (which doesn’t take much), I delete the app and find something else.  683 more words

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen!

Today is Easter Sunday, when Christians all over the world join together in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 311 more words

Bible Knowledge

4 things to look at before we sleep.

Every night I would wake up to check if everything is fine inside our house. I regularly walk around and look for anything suspicious or make sure that everything is secured. 644 more words

Everyday Life

The Silencing Laugh

I planned a million and one ways to tell you I need you in my life tonight.
I stayed up to get your call.
I answered with silence, no longer possessing the knowledge on how to speak to my best friend. 113 more words

Beautiful Unions