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saving face has got to be one of the worst things a person can do
you’re not just lying to me
you’re lying about who you believe yourself to be… 16 more words


Sometimes We All Save Face #30Layers30Days

I can definitely think of things I have lied about to save face but mainly to save someone’s feelings from being hurt. I don’t necessarily want to reveal any of the things I’ve lied about but I will say that it’s never been any feelings that I’ve had any anyone or any situation. 116 more words


Day 8: Saving Face

The biggest lie I’ve told to save face is more like the biggest lies with an “s”, because I have a tendency to say I don’t care or it doesn’t matter, when most times it really does matter. 138 more words


Saving Face

By Christopher Rupley

Why do I speak

such harsh tones,

while you continuously


stumble and roam?

In and out

of my mind,

where your lies… 60 more words


Simon and James

By: Ishaq Ibrahim


The script shows a classroom conversation between a highly cooperative teacher and his student. It performs a referential function since Simon, the teacher, wants to critique the stories his student, James, has written. 654 more words

English Language

Saving Face Part Two

When it comes to trauma, recovery is measured in months, not weeks. It has been six weeks since the initial fall, and five weeks since my facial reconstruction surgery. 1,179 more words