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Facebook, FaceBaiting, and Saving Face

“OMG!! It is over!”

You may have seen a Facebook post like that at some point. It typically is followed by a comment that looks something like this: “What is wrong? 870 more words

Dirty Laundry

Saving face

Why is it that we stand behind the facade of well being, saving face at every turn? In many ways I agree that one must save face but it seems like we have lost the reason to do so. 568 more words

Health Of All Kinds

Voyeur of Voyeurs

Lately, I have been trying to view things in a more positive light. My default mode is to not care, but usually, I feel guilty that I don’t, so I express negative opinions, and that leads me to actually feel negative about things. 1,591 more words

Saving Face (documentary)

Saving Face (official website)

Every year in Pakistan, many people – the majority of them women – are known to be victimized by brutal acid attacks, while numerous other cases go unreported.

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A Little Bit Of Everything

damaged(?) control

We are flawed creatures. We make mistakes. As a friend of mine oft opines, “We can’t fix ‘human’.” Indeed, none of us lives an error-free existence. 551 more words

A Personal Reflection

The Journey to China: Chasing the Sunset

As Dalton and I settled in to our plane seats in Seattle, preparing for a 16-hour flight, the sounds of Mandarin floated over to us. We looked up and noticed, quite suddenly, that out of every single person on the plane,  524 more words