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Obamacare in Georgia: More lost policies than gained, and Insurance Death Spiral percolating nicely

Orwellian Obama has been riding Obamacare enrollee numbers like a true Soviet propaganda stallion, with Liberal commentators and pundits cheering him on (how embarrassing for them). 584 more words

Saving Healthcare

Orwellian Obama Corrupts the Census in order to Lie Again about Obamacare

Orwellian Obama is always building his lies, nurturing them, warming them, and then hatching them into a pliant media for dissemination to his victims, which is to say: to the 300 million citizens of the USA. 335 more words

Saving Healthcare

Obama Delays Another Obamacare Provision: His Cuts to Medicare

Barack Obama continues to slow down the implementation of his own law in a series of blatant attempts to lull the American population to sleep so that he can cut our throats when our eyes are closed. 361 more words

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Inside the Liberal Mind: Ezekiel Emanuel

Part of how the Liberal drags himself and us down the road to Serfdom is his ability to jumble his thought beyond recognition, such that they contradict themselves and defy even simple logic. 961 more words

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Family Doctors "Under Threat of Extinction" in the UK

Socialism always ends in ruin, and makes people suffer along the way.

However, human beings being what they are, such lessons must be learned over and over again, as if we are all nothing more than mindless baboons (I think I just insulted baboons, actually, who probably do learn from their mistakes). 209 more words

Saving Healthcare

Daily Obamacare Brick in the Wall: You Will Be Turned Away From Your Preferred Hospital

Today’s short post on Obamacare and how it is harming us all: You Will Be Turned Away From Your Preferred Hospital.

If you have insurance through Obamacare, your odds of being accepted by one of the nation’s top hospitals or having access to top doctors is seriously diminished. <source>

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The Lawlessness of Obamacare

Barack Obama and his regime are a clown show making a daily mockery of the United States of America and its ethos of rule of, by, and for the people through laws and not through demagogues and dictators. 180 more words

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