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Don't Destroy Your Legacy

I was playing with my youngest son the other day and I couldn’t help but worry about the world into which he’ll grow.  Will it be safe?   490 more words

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College campus saves $237,000 on energy costs


Lighting upgrades, mainly to LED lighting, are ubiquitous on many campuses and use far less energy than older systems. Often, the startling savings and innovations are due only partly to new or improved fixtures and more to the technology of the control systems. 256 more words

Digital Lighting Controls



by Kyle Robbins

Believe it or not, there are still fun, interesting, and inspiring things to do in every corner of the country that cost absolutely nothing, which is good since prices are rising to historic rates. 607 more words


5 things to turn off before you leave the room

by Esther Leonard

Most people know to turn off their electronics or the AC before leaving the house. However, few people realize that they can save money while in the house by simply turning off electronics in unoccupied… 407 more words

Electric Bills

9 Pro Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your Home

9 Pro Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your Home

Stripped of all its furnishings, an empty room can be intimidating — or inspiring! For design consultant Robin Long Mayer, it’s definitely the latter.

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Save Money with Smart Energy

 Helping local beat rising Energy bills

We have all seen articles in the media lately about how much the Energy companies are charging for us to heat our homes, well we want to change this. 271 more words


Grocery Shopping

As a student/ budget traveller, a key component of keeping your budget in check is keeping food costs down. The great news is that shopping in the supermarkets here is very affordable. 513 more words

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