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Here's Exactly How You Waste $1,700 Every Year

Traffic congestion isn’t just a frustrating part of commuter life; it’s expensive. A new report finds that every household with a car-commuting member loses $1,700 a year in time and gas burned thanks to bumper-to-bumper traffic. 468 more words

Young Adults Have Basically No Clue How Credit Cards Work

Almost two-thirds of young adults today don’t have a credit card, but maybe that’s for the best, given their sweeping lack of know-how about this common financial tool. 407 more words

6 Ways Coupons Actually Cost You Money

September is National Coupon Month and you’re ready. You have your mobile apps updated, your favorite sites bookmarked, your filing system ready to go — and you should really just stop. 562 more words

The Huge Mistake Most Parents Are Making Now

Hey kids, hope you’re saving your pennies. They might not have gotten around to telling you yet, but there’s a good chance your parents expect you to fork over your own money to help pay for college. 490 more words