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Don't Forget to Do Your Taxes

It’s Tax Day! As of the end of last week, the IRS had received nearly 100 million returns, or about three-quarters of all the returns it expects to get this season. 135 more words

9 Most Ripped-Off Products in America

Counterfeit products may cost the global economy up to $250 billion a year, according to estimates from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Millions of those shipments enter the United States. 1,133 more words

5 Reasons You (And the Rest of Us) Are Probably Broke

If Americans were graded on our knowledge of personal finance, we might be looking at summer school, according to he National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s new annual financial literacy survey. 643 more words

These Credit Cards Are Desperate to Give You $400

If you’re good with your finances, credit card companies are literally throwing money at you to get you to become a customer. Issuers are laying their cards on the table with bonus offers of up to $400, trying to seize the momentum of a rebounding economy. 718 more words

Turns Out Now Is a Brilliant Time to Stop Working

Retirees are feeling more confident about their future than they have in years, new data show. Much of the optimism flows from last year’s heady stock market gains. 443 more words

Crazy Pig Diarrhea Epidemic May Ruin Your Dinner Plans

It sounds about as bad as anything you can imagine: “Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea.” PEDv, for short, is a virus that first appeared in the United States last year, … 129 more words

Here's Proof Buying More Stuff Actually Makes You Miserable

Our piles of crap don’t just contribute to reality-TV shows like Storage Wars and Hoarders — they also make us miserable, and not just when we can’t find the right remote or trip over a plastic robot our kid left on the floor. 551 more words