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The Disastrous Black Friday Mistake You Must Avoid

Going into the holiday season with a budget is a good start, but it might not be good enough. A new study shows that misestimating how much of a deal they’ll get on Black Friday and underestimating how long it will take them to pay off their holiday splurges will cost American shoppers. 407 more words

The Problem With Millennials, In One Staggering Statistic

New data about how much debt today’s students are graduating college with just came out. The results are ugly, but that’s not the worst of it. 391 more words

5 Ways Money Can Buy Happiness, Backed by Science

The old saying that money can’t buy happiness? Not true, it turns out. But you have to spend strategically if you expect the Benjamins to put a smile on your face. 438 more words

This Is the Most Depressing Number in Personal Finance

How much do you think you’ll spend servicing the cost of borrowing on credit over the course of your life? A few thousand dollars? Maybe 10 or 20 grand? 390 more words

The 10 Most Livable Countries in the World

This post is in partnership with 24/7 Wall Street. The article below was originally published on 247WallSt.com.

Based on the most recent release of the Human Development Index by the United Nations Development Programme, 24/7 Wall St. 1,266 more words

The Secret to Getting a Ridiculously Cheap Thanksgiving Flight

For years, travel search engines have scoured through their dense databases to determine the best day to book your Thanksgiving flights. This year, like every year, there’s a lot of mixed messages on what to do if you’ve procrastinated on booking tickets. 678 more words