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Time Saving Sewing- A Stitch in time saves nine!

If I did manage the time I spent sewing I would be super productive. I never really thought about it that intensely until I was looking at the pile of unfinished projects I have at present. 863 more words


Baby steps are better than no steps!

I was talking to a friend recently, and we were talking about how recent life pressures had prevented us from doing the exercise that we usually do. 210 more words


Help! I Have House-guests!

So your sister from out-of-state just called in the middle of the week to ask, “Would you like some company this weekend?” (Yes, that was me calling my sister; have done this several times!) You rush around to get the house clean, plan meals, run last-minute errands, etc. 269 more words

Changing my Way

I appreciate the feedback on my last post so much! Since then I got rid of my many lists but kept the app regularly installed to remind me of those things that I don’t do often like changing my toothbrush out or when to flea the animals. 137 more words

Finding "me time" and losing the guilty mum syndrome

First and foremost, my kids are my world and always will be. Their needs come before my own and will continue to do so, that’s just part of being a mum. 949 more words

Saving Time

Too much time.......... online

Firstly, I think the invention of Smartphones, Facebook and other social media apps is absolutely brilliant. We now live in a time where the world is readily accessible at our fingertips any given time of day. 813 more words

Saving Time

The never-ending Laundry

Ok, before I start laundry is something that is always going to be there. It will never go away; even when you have washed every single piece of dirty washing – the kids will need changing (for the 5th time that day), you spill something on the freshly mopped floor (Murphy’s law) and need to use a towel to mop up the excess, or you have a basket of washing to iron and put away. 685 more words

Saving Time