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Finding "me time" and losing the guilty mum syndrome

First and foremost, my kids are my world and always will be. Their needs come before my own and will continue to do so, that’s just part of being a mum. 949 more words

Saving Time

Too much time.......... online

Firstly, I think the invention of Smartphones, Facebook and other social media apps is absolutely brilliant. We now live in a time where the world is readily accessible at our fingertips any given time of day. 813 more words

Saving Time

The never-ending Laundry

Ok, before I start laundry is something that is always going to be there. It will never go away; even when you have washed every single piece of dirty washing – the kids will need changing (for the 5th time that day), you spill something on the freshly mopped floor (Murphy’s law) and need to use a towel to mop up the excess, or you have a basket of washing to iron and put away. 685 more words

Saving Time

Time Saving Service: Explained

Finer Living just announced its new pre-planned meal packages this week and I thought this was an excellent opportunity to explain just how this service can help you. 340 more words

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Cooking Trick: Use Rotisserie Chicken

I started cooking on my own in my Junior year of college. A rookie to the core, I tried tackling complicated recipes in an effort to prove myself. 241 more words

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If Time = Money, Let's save both!

When I spend more time on doing things than I absolutely need it really ticks me off. Late this summer I had time to spend thinking about things that would make mine and my husband’s life a little bit easier. 249 more words

Saving Money Every Day


Saving is life saving drugs.
Saving of time & money,is good habit.
Practice it, becomes your nature

Saving make you independant
life with planning,
saves time & money, 57 more words

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