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Find a Penny, Pick it Up?

By: Chuck Kuster

 All money – even pennies – is valuable and should be saved. Use picking up lost coins yourself as a way to discuss the merits of saving. 348 more words


Planning for the College Years

Planning to send your little scholar to college? If you are a parent who has wondered when a good time to start planning your child’s future, you are not alone. 377 more words

"I'm Just Saying..":: 9 Tips To Help You "Ball on a Budget"

College and post college time has taught me how to stretch pretty tight budget. I think I’ve earned the right to use the phrase “ballin on a budget.” According to Webster, a budget is “the amount of money that is available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose.” … 612 more words

"I'm Just Saying.."

Asset Classes - You Should Read This

What Are the Different Classes of Assets?

When it comes to investing their money, many people are content to take a random approach.

They may have received a hot tip for a particular investment and decided to plow a large amount of money into it with no regard to the overall balance of their portfolios. 423 more words


Five Crafty Tricks

I wanted to call this list Five Crafty Scams, but figured I could get into a bit of trouble.

Crafting is an expensive hobby. I expect to have a bit of money to spare because I don’t waste money on drinking or smoking, but if I sat down and thought about it, smoking might cost less. 1,171 more words


A hurried mind

There is so much that is expected of Moms these days, I think of people in general actually. Wake up, master your personal hygiene(which for me has been reduced to brushing teeth and pooping), nursing my 5 month old, feeding my other two daughters, communicating about the day and reminders with my husband (since we share one car knowing exactly what the other needs to do is essential), checking Facebook, checking email, checking voice mails and text messages, getting dressed, checking the news, feeding all the kids again, getting to the library or the park or church or bible study or the play date on time, with enough snacks/diapers/change of clothes/proper shoes etc etc… When did my life get so busy that I can’t even remember what I need to remember? 786 more words

Saving $$

Saving for a Dream Car?

Purchasing a vehicle is the second largest purchase we make in our lives. And I don’t know about you, but it seems that with every pay cheque that comes in there are always purchases that come before saving – like buying festival tickets, an unexpected night out or takeaway food. 459 more words