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From Luke 18:

Just imagine having a meal with one of your best friends for the very last time today.  Right now.

What would you eat?  345 more words


Have the acidity of coffee right and savor nice tasting coffee drinks

If you want your coffee to impress your taste buds in addition to completely exciting you then you should get the acidity of coffee right and have delicious coffee drinks. 30 more words

Use a pro sports handicapper

You can savor having fun while betting only when you win most of your bets and your bank bulges outwards with money. It will make you stay passionately interested in betting while you re watching your selected sport too. 22 more words

The luxury of time

There’s one thing that keeps coming up in conversations about luxury, and it has nothing to do with stuff and things and sensuality.

It doesn’t even cost money, not in the absolute, so it seems to feel less status-y, more wholesome. 1,025 more words

AltLuxe: The New Luxury

A Moment of Stillness from Above

Walking through the day in shock and grieving is certainly no joy, but I will say it is interesting. To me it’s a paradoxical experience where on one hand every sensation you can feel is heightened to a hyper sensitive degree and on the other side you feel numb and blind like you are moving in a dense fog. 739 more words

The Ice Cream Sandwich: A Work of Art

The Baked Bear
Pacific Beach, CA

   It’s hot. And I have ice cream on the brain. Specifically- ice cream sandwiches. Yesterday Brady and I ran along the bay, then went to our favorite place for taco Tuesday—World Famous (World Famous shout-outs are becoming a regular occurrence in my posts these days). 334 more words

San Diego

Beachin' Breakfast with the Locals

Pipes Café

    Seeing as we are going through a major #heatwave this week, (and to keep up with the beachy theme I’ve had going lately) I thought I would share a relaxed and popular breakfast spot by the beach that I love: Pipes Café. 311 more words

San Diego