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Turkey Chilli

 I remember watching the Olsen twin movie It Takes Two at a very impressionable age. There is this one scene where they are downing “sloppy joes” and I remember thinking, “Why does Mum never make us those? 195 more words


Fake Out Take-Out

Despite cooking all of my meals from scratch, I am not immune to wanting a good take-out once in a while. I still have a ton of produce and meat I need to use up before I go home, so I figured I would fake the take-out tonight and make it all from scratch. 467 more words


Turkey Burger Wrap

Going to school in Syracuse for school and then venturing home to New Zealand during the summer vacations means I set myself up for a lot of winters in a row. 187 more words


Teriyaki Chicken Sushi

Home in New Zealand Teriyaki Chicken Sushi is just as common (if not more common) than sushi made with fish. In America I have come to realize that the chicken + sushi combo is a foreign concept and one that is far too good to be kept a secret. 468 more words



Cheese plate with raisin brioche – Belga Queen (Gent, Belgium)

A delicious ending to a lovely tasting menu.


Let's Talk Toss Soups - Taco Soup

          It’s nearing the end of the semester here in Rexburg, ID. I am moving home after this semester ends, so I have to use up a lot of my food before then. 445 more words


1 Day 1 World Project: 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm

In Spain, dinner before 10 pm is early, but people there do enjoy tapas throughout the day. I had this delicious chocolate almond cheese cake and ice cream for desert at around 10:30 pm; it probably was pretty early for the locals.  39 more words