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The Savoy Hotel Special Cocktail No. 2

Whew, that’s a mouthful. This one, of course, comes from the Savoy Cocktail Book once again, and one must assume, although Craddock takes no pains to mention it, that this was a drink invented at the bar there, perhaps by Craddock himself. 283 more words

Savoy Cocktail Book

Sonza's Wilson Cocktail

I don’t know who either Sonza or Wilson are. And there is no plain “Wilson’s” Cocktail in the Savoy so this doesn’t appear to be a variation on another drink, beyond the ordinary fact that almost all drinks are variations on other drinks. 233 more words

Savoy Cocktail Book

The Cherry Blossom Cocktail

Aaaand, we’re back to the Savoy with today’s drink, and one with a fitting name for the beginning of spring to boot. This recipe is somewhat vague in the book, and is for six people as well – I once again assumed that the “glass” measurement is the same as a “wineglass” (2 oz.) If that assumption is correct, and given the results I had I’m going to assume it is (ooh, an assumption on top of an assumption), then this is actually a pretty easy recipe. 211 more words

Savoy Cocktail Book

The Fox Trot Cocktail

From the Savoy Cocktail Book, this is more or less yet another variation on the daiquiri, and a very simple one – maybe too simple. 248 more words

Savoy Cocktail Book

The Modern Cocktail No. 1

Another from our now random journey through the Savoy Cocktail Book, this one illustrates very well the problems inherent in Scotch-based cocktails. Despite the… 256 more words

Savoy Cocktail Book

The Phoebe Snow Cocktail

Since Phoebe Snow, the 1970s singer-songwriter, wasn’t born until 1950, I’m going to have to assume this drink was named after a fictional marketing character who debuted in 1902 shilling for the… 209 more words

Savoy Cocktail Book

How to Make a Proper French 75

This is sort of the “grande dame” of gin drinks – elegant, refined and delicious. It was created in 1915 at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris and named for the powerful French 75 Field Gun – which apparently provided a kick similar to that found in this libation. 98 more words

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