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Spitfire grubs

Smack in the middle of winter the dear little baby sawfly larvae emerge from their egg case. They are the size if a pin head but they start eating the nice tender leaves on one of my eucalyptus trees and they grow and grow and grow until they are as thick as a pencil and as long as my little finger. 201 more words


Pedalling by proxy

Today’s guest picture was very kindly sent to me by Steve, the author of the There and Back Again blog, much missed since he discontinued it.  693 more words


Look for Hibiscus sawfly damage

This week I found severe damage by hibiscus sawfly.  Larvae and adults were present on

the plants I surveyed. The adults are active throughout the summer. 120 more words

Nursery And Landscape Pests

Ilex VS Gooseberry Sawfly - Nematus ribesii

Last year, my gooseberries were defoliated before I even figured out what was going on.  I wasn’t totally miffed, however we got only a handful of gooseberries.  180 more words


Tenthredo notha

A large lemon-yellow and black sawfly. Very similar to T. arcuata and T. brevicornis. The species are very difficult to separate without detailed examination. Where the image has not received expert verification, which is necessary to be certain of accuracy in this species, it is highlighted with a red box. 75 more words

Is It Safe to Come Out?

During a late rousal last night I was unfortunate/fortunate enough to discover a nice (and by nice I mean insidious and detestful), little flat, dark tab of a female deer tick firmly-embedded in the skin of my leg. 123 more words


Birch Sawfly - Cimbex femoratus

I have just seen what i am sure was a Birch sawfly in the garden , I was just about to take the shot and I got buzzed by one of my bees that seem to be a little angry after I went in the hives today. 12 more words