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It's got to be Roses

After all the problems I have had this summer with sawfly on the roses and me giving the roses a good talking to, I think it has worked. 271 more words


Day One Hundred and Sixty: Large Rose Sawfly Larvae

(Sorry this isn’t quite in focus – I christened these Messrs Cleese, Barker and Corbett)

There was I, imagining you were munching on rose leaves in order to become moths or butterflies, and find you are incognito, not caterpillars, but larvae, firefly-wannabees in waiting, cousin to wasp and bee, yet neither, imitator of fly but not one, master of disguise and illusion, your mother chainsawed her way into the rose stem to give you a hidey-hole start. 74 more words


A White Night

A few nights ago I decided to leave my comfort zone of forest lines and creek edges and delved into the world of an overgrown field. 554 more words

Scary Monsters

Aw, just when you were beginning to like bugs…

This one doesn’t sting, it just looks scary and even scary monsters need some love.

Sawflies belong to the same order of insects as Bees, Wasps and Ants, the… 251 more words

Tramp's Bestiary

When is a caterpillar not a caterpillar?

Recently, my Google-fu saved me from making the second-stupidest mistake a lepidopterologist can make (the stupidest, obviously, is confusing a butterfly and a moth). While looking for caterpillars of the… 334 more words