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Musique 365: Day 259: Rendez-Vous - Jean-Michel Jarre

This was the the main component of huge cityscape concerts which attracted hundreds of thousands in Houston and Lyon in the late 80’s. It’s extravagant, verbose (if you can say that about music with no lyrics) and pulls no electronic punches at all (try the opening of Second Rendez-Vous, if you need convincing). 61 more words

Sara Lynns Going Away Gig.......

Good bye Sara Lynn. Saturday night (August 9th, 2014) was the last night Sara Lynn Fults will be playing with our band; 1060 West Addison Blues for at least 2 years. 215 more words


Ten Step House of the Bellowheads

I am in a shared house. I live with a band called Bellowhead. My room is full of instruments, mine and theirs, I play a saxophone operated by dials, not keys, a brass section from one instrument. 172 more words


Jethro Tull's Masterpiece Re-Mixed - A Passionate Play

For many Jethro Tull fans the complex prog-rock epic A Passion Play (1973) is the band’s finest hour.  I for one agree – the musicianship on the record is off the hook, Ian’s vocals were never better and those soprano and sopranino saxes he picked up and dropped shortly after this and it’s followup… 1,109 more words

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