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Dear Wen IV

Dear Wen,

I suppose ultimately ‘Odin’s Steed’ is the wheel of the year, which he rides like the wind and which could almost be another parallel with the Christ Spirit that blows where it listeth… 250 more words


English Lesson 30 Essay

Saxon culture was very different from ours. They were German and settled in Britain. They were civilized people. Wealthy and poor people did not have much difference.                    109 more words


Dear Don IV

Dear Don,

Still cross-eyed from the editing but Doomsday should be ready for off by August as we planned. I can’t believe how much stuff there is in there… or how much more we have already for… 466 more words


The Saxon Wars

Foreword: This is another piece that I originally wrote for Theod Magazine back in the mid-90’s. Much like my Penda “saga” it was the first detailed treatment of the subject in modern Germanic Heathen literature. 5,906 more words

Where a few surviving hedges, Keep our lost Elysium - The Waxwell of Pinner

Pinner is classic suburbs. Lovely well kept houses, neat lawns, tidy hedges but as John Betjemen’s quote suggests some relics of past times remains……in this case on the junction of Waxwell Road and Uxbridge Road. 377 more words

Well Hunting

It’s Not Pagan; It’s White Magic

Officially, the early medieval Church opposed magic, and the penalties for using it for evil were harsh. But the faithful, including members of the clergy, more often used magic for good. 281 more words

Middle Ages

Dear Wen III

Hi Wen,

‘…Doom’s Children…The Children of Doom…
They told my Lord the way to the Mountain of Power.
They told him to throw down his sword and return to the earth. 382 more words