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Saxons and Danes

Saxons and Danes                                                       Buried                                                 Edward the Elder                          899-924                     Winchester                                                   Athelstan                                        924-939                      Malmesbury                                               Edmund i                                        939-946                     Glastonbury                                               Eadred                                             946-955                     Winchester                                                 Eadwig (Edwy)                              955-959                      Winchester                                                 Edgar                                               959-975                      Glastonbury                                               Edward the Martyr                       975-978                      Shaftesbury                                             Ethelred ii  the Unready              978-1013                                                                                              (deposed) and                             1014-1016                  Old St. 40 more words


Battle Abbey - Conquest - 1066


The Battle of Hastings was fought on ‘Senlac Hill’ some ten miles from the town on October 14th 1066. The two armies were led by William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold – King of England. 130 more words


Westminster Abbey & The Tower of London

Below is a list of the sixteen English Monarchs (and Mary Queen of Scots) buried in Westminster Abbey and Royalty buried in St Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London: 77 more words


Westminster Abbey

Sixteen English Monarchs (and Mary Queen of Scots) are buried in Westminster Abbey. First, however, a number of views taken en-route to the Abbey.   196 more words


Malmesbury Abbey

Malmesbury Abbey can be viewed through this link. (Beside the Abbey is my hotel, which Her Majesty the Queen visited).

This link… 10 more words


Shaftesbury Abbey

The once great Benedictine Abbey founded by King Alfred was another victim of Henry viii’s Dissolution.

Below left: the Abbey ruins.  Below right: the High Altar dedicated to the King Edward ‘The Martyr’ murdered at Corfe Castle and buried in the Abbey in 978. 62 more words


Waltham Abbey

Harold ii          Jan-Oct 1066

Above: Waltham Abbey.  Below: the slab marking the position of the original High Altar, behind which King Harold of England was said to have been buried after the Battle of Hastings in 1066.