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King Arthur and England

Recently, I have learned about many early empires, civilizations, countries and their rulers. One that I have taken interest in is England and King Arthur. 184 more words


Britannia Part 1: The Wall by Richard Denham

Britannia, Part 1: The Wall by Richard Denham

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Britannia Part 1: The Wall is a work of fiction set in a historical backdrop of occupied Britain in the Roman era. 377 more words


Consequences of Rushed Conversions

Believing herself abandoned by her gods, Leova, the heroine of The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar, agrees to be baptized knowing little about Christianity. A few hours later, she and her children make their vows and have water poured on their heads. 94 more words

Middle Ages

Were the Angles all blond giants?

Were the Angles all blond giants?

Or is this a distortion of contemporary storytelling?

I am at that stage writing my second book where I have to describe my ‘hero’ in physical terms. 339 more words

What Was the Irminsul? Good Question.

The Irminsul, a historic pillar sacred to the Continental Saxon peoples, presents a dilemma for a historical novelist. We know only one other thing about it: Charlemagne ordered its destruction in 772. 50 more words

Middle Ages

Saxons and Danes

Saxons and Danes                                                       Buried                                                 Edward the Elder                          899-924                     Winchester                                                   Athelstan                                        924-939                      Malmesbury                                               Edmund i                                        939-946                     Glastonbury                                               Eadred                                             946-955                     Winchester                                                 Eadwig (Edwy)                              955-959                      Winchester                                                 Edgar                                               959-975                      Glastonbury                                               Edward the Martyr                       975-978                      Shaftesbury                                             Ethelred ii  the Unready              978-1013                                                                                              (deposed) and                             1014-1016                  Old St. 40 more words


Battle Abbey - Conquest - 1066


The Battle of Hastings was fought on ‘Senlac Hill’ some ten miles from the town on October 14th 1066. The two armies were led by William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold – King of England. 130 more words