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Widukind: Hero or Villain?

Whether Widukind, leader of eighth century Westphalian Saxons in today’s Germany, was a freedom fighter depends on whose side you’re on.

To a people conquered by foreigners and shaken down for tithes following a new religion they did not understand, Widukind must have been a hero. 117 more words


One Man, One Policy: 850 Years of History - Geza II & The Saxons

The Saxon legacy in Transylvania is impressive. The numerous fortified churches, magnificent town squares and quaint houses with gabled roofs scattered in towns throughout the region are a testament to their faith, determination and industriousness. 1,210 more words

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Coming August 28, 2014: The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar

With a beautiful cover and the final edits, The Ashes of Heaven’s Pillar is on the path to its release by Fireship Press on August 28, 2014! 229 more words

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Wooden Spoons, Not Wooden Stakes - Medieval Sighisoara & the Birthplace of Vlad Tepes

A search for the real life, historical Dracula usually begins in Sighisoara, Romania deep in the middle of Transylvania. After all Vlad Tepes – said to Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Count Dracula – was born there and committed several of his more notable, terrifying acts in Transylvania. 906 more words

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Standing Outside of Time – The Saxons & the Black Church of Brasov, Transylvania

When a people vanish, does its civilization vanish with it? What can we discern from the remnants of their existence? Can these remnants tell us who they were or even more intriguingly who we are? 804 more words

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The Selling Points of History - The Saxons & Vlad Tepes in Brasov

Brasov may be a Romanian city today, but its old town is Saxon down to the very foundations. In the early 13th century, Teutonic Knights began constructing what would become Brasov. 929 more words

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Rokoduguni - A Soldier's Tale

Semesa Rokoduguni is a rare breed of athlete: the 26-year-old has served Queen and Country on the battlefield as well as the rugby field. 

Hailing from Fiji, some of whose most popular exports are dazzling rugby players and soldiers, it was only natural that Rokoduguni would opt for one of those pursuits as a career. 927 more words