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Say anything

Quiet strings and a long walk beneath the rain bring me to you where I made up your mind to say yes so many times like today. 111 more words


Say Anything

“I want Judd Nelson standing with a boom-box outside my window.” -Emma Stone, Easy A

When I first watched Easy A, ( a generic, chick-flick, I know,) it was this line that stood out to me. 248 more words

The Thin Line

There is a thin line between persistent and pathetic. I have crossed that line.

It took me a while to realize it. Perhaps it’s because I wanted to believe that it couldn’t happen to me. 292 more words

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Fairytale meets Greek Tragedy

When I wrote my last entry I was reflecting on Robin Williams’ death. How tragic it was. How sudden. How unexpected. And how death is so final. 681 more words

keepin' it real

Being a girl, I can safely say that I have unnaturally high expectations for everything – and I’m speaking on behalf of all my other sistas out there. 584 more words


The Past is Present: Riot Fest 2014 - Day 2

Believe it or not, this year marks the 10th anniversary for Riot Fest, Chicago’s own punk rock music festival and carnival. While locals can likely recount the event in its early days, only in recent years has the festival become a full-blown, internationally respected gathering. 820 more words



Nhìn tựa đề là hiểu. Tình hình là em mới viết xong #20factsaboutem được ngta khen viết duyên quá, viết thêm 1 cái thì nhạt, nên phải lên đây à ơi với anh =)) 560 more words

Say Anything