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Say Anything

A friend in need.
A request for answers.
A broken heart.
A significant loss.
Soul searching.

As a boss, co-worker, teacher, counselor, parent, lover….or just as a friend, people reach out to us in their time of need. 167 more words

Online interactions have fanned the romantic flame

A lot of the mystery we’ve typically associated with romance is not as strong as it used to be.

We are now hiding behind our screens with spell-check and emoticons. 1,062 more words


Tom 365 - October 18, 2014

1980’s roller skating party.

We are rockin’ this look. And it all came out of our closet.


Rediscovered Ramblings: If I Could Say Anything

November, 2012

If I could say anything at all,
what would it be?
How would I even begin?
It’s been so long…
How would I say… 439 more words

Rediscovered Ramblings

8 Memorable 'Say Anything' Parodies on Television

The latest episode of New Girl, “Landline,” ended with a throwaway gag involving Winston’s girlfriend Judy trying to get him back after Nick’s meddling accidentally broke the couple up. 723 more words


Sydney's Live Music Guide Oct 16th - Oct 22nd

Originally posted on Alt Media

As always I love to hear readers thoughts on Twitter @Appsy88 or Facebook on my page J.A.M. I’m also now on Ello… 7 more words