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Say something, im giving up on you

Still no reply from him at all since thursday, i confrinted him on friday.. i feel like im going insane..

I grew up with the loss of a lot of people, they got sick and died or just walked away from me.. 131 more words

Three Worlds (2014)

1. Half empty.

2. Half full.

3. Evened out.


A good day-

As you play, your way.


"It Don't Come Often and It Don't Stay Long"

Six and a half hours.


That’s how long I had on a peaceful locomotive completely alone, which is why the universe gently (then incessantly) prodded me to wake up the brain. 546 more words

Soundtrack of my life : Say Something by A Great Big World

I was surfing the web (youtubbing) and found this song, now this is not a song that I can relate on a present moment. But it just made me remind so many things on the past. 529 more words

You Can't Say Happiness Without ...

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Words. Words. I play with words, hoping that some combination, even a chance combination, will say what I want.

- Doris Lessing


Do Christian men and competition mix?

On this talk show: How a Christian man should view competition and how he should handle his own instinctive competitive desires

April 15 BOB podcast link