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Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is hard sometimes.  Today as I was driving, while running errands, I noticed that nature was saying goodbye to summer.  Instead of a grey, sad, display of emotion I saw a bright, brilliant colorful celebration of change.  324 more words

Saying Goodbye

Tying up loose ends

The need to tie up loose ends never feels more pressing than reaching the turn in the path you know will lead you to staring the big bad wolf right in its face. 1,431 more words

The Longest Labor Part 1

While the section entitled “My Story” gives a general breakdown of my general story, I decided to do a series on my actual labor and delivery with IKL. 1,101 more words


Working Through The Emotional Stuff

Many of you know that I have struggled with a lot of emotional and mental issues for most of my life.  Self-Hate and depression were just the beginning at a very young age.   567 more words

Daily Thoughts And Inspirationals

When Changing Diapers Is More Attractive Than Waving Goodbye

My oldest son is taking the PSATs right this minute. The past weeks, we’ve been talking about colleges and trying to narrow down his choices. It’s all been interesting, and an eye-opener. 603 more words


Too Long

5 muddy fingerprints new to the wall.
4 times you turn down the chance to play ball.
3 minor arguments you referee.
2 minutes you’d love, so you can go pee. 163 more words


To David with Love.

I realized today how important saying goodbye is. I lost someone really close to me earlier this year and it hurts that I wasn’t here to see him one last time. 159 more words

Let Go