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Being Neighborly

People that know me would probably be surprised to find out about my attempt to be neighborly.  Of course, being neighborly in the blogosphere is much different that standing on the sidewalk having a chat with your neighbors.   283 more words


and again as a butterfly...

she arrived not at random yet rather the once and then again 3 times thereafter with an elegance in faith invitation and timing that can only ever be as given by heaven – and what a beautifully perfect way in saying… 869 more words

Thoughts: You've Got Mail

When was the last time you wrote a hand-written letter to someone you love?

My grandmother and mother always send handwritten letters. Often times it’s just a quick note to say hello and give me an update as to what’s happening in their lives. 167 more words


My Tri-riffic 70.3 Journey

“This is my game. This is my race.” These were the words I kept telling myself at the starting line when I joined my first half-ironman race in Cebu last August 3. 717 more words


No signature required

Here’s the thing… you can attempt to exist outside of the system, taking on (as one soul mentioned to me earlier) a nihilistic stance and shunning anything that is essentially everything in this society… you can scoff at the establishment, buck back against the man, and try to hold your own against a world that creeps ever deeper inward every day… you can spurn the infrastructure and the support needed by so many in order to achieve so much… I’m right there in that mix of those that need help, and a lot of it… I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing without the assistance of many people in many arenas… but the problems I have, that many like me have, are NOT about acceptance as a few with too narrow of a view seem hell bent on trying to convince me of… I. 566 more words

Life In Transition