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Saying "no" is allowing us to say "yes".

Fall is the season when kids usually go back, not only to school, but to scheduled activities. Hockey, gymnastics, music, ballet, pottery, swimming …. Of course, some kids go to these lessons all year long, or switch to something different for the summer, like soccer, but many families choose to synchronize their children’s school and organized activity attendance (like we did). 1,466 more words

Sometimes Love is a Missed School Bus and a Cup of Tea

I woke her up at 8:05 a.m.

She had a rough night.  We all did.  With four kids sick with the Great Cold of 2014, I had spent most of my night slathering on Vicks, refilling water bottles, rocking a baby and fetching more tissues. 952 more words

Thoughts From My Quiet Time

Book Review: Love Skip Jump

By Karen Hendricks

Is your instinct to say “yes” whenever you’re asked to volunteer at your child’s school, help a friend or relative, serve on a church committee, etc, etc? 1,103 more words

Family Life

N is for another look at Nominations

One of the things that we keep hearing about is the problem that Meetings (at all levels) face with nominations. There seem to be more and more jobs to do and fewer and fewer Friends to do them. 666 more words

Faith And Practice

Saying YES! to Life

Excerpt from MORE:

This journey I’m on is a journey to freedom—to a place on the cliff’s edge. I’ve been at the cliff’s edge physically before. 571 more words


Would You Like Some Peas With Your Worcestershire Sauce (And Other Quirky Eating Habits)

Peas were my dad’s favorite vegetable.  This is funny to me because when he ate them, he drowned them in Worcestershire sauce.

So, I wonder. 962 more words

Thoughts From My Quiet Time

fall resolutions

I was inspired to write my own resolutions after reading this post at No, Strike That. I agree that fall is a more motivating time than the dead of winter. 928 more words