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Saying Yes

That moment at Anne Lamott’s writing workshop after you’re asked if you want to move your seat from the back of the room to the front.

Why saying no is hard and when to say yes

I thought I would have a little break, slow down, step away from the crazy busy stuff of life, and take a break from it all. 716 more words

Sunshine Coast

Getting Happy (#27)

For a long time, I thought that the trick to NOT focusing on the bad, to NOT cataloguing what’s wrong with the world – an endless and, frankly, kind of pointless task – was to focus on the good. 314 more words


Finding the answer between Yes and No

I don’t like saying “No” to a request. I don’t always like saying “Yes” either. But I do like to help, and I tend to reason that if I can do something, I should do it. 473 more words


The Chains that Bind Us

As I make my way home from a night out, I feel a quiet sense of panic. I take a moment to check in and be with my feeling. 597 more words

Allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it. You will find you dance with everything.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Road-trips, revisits and revelations (Or, how I made up for last summer)

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say. It’s just that I’ve been too busy doing the things I want to write about to write about them. 965 more words