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My Perfect Day

I wrote down what I imagine to be a perfect day. I don’t live on the beach yet, and I haven’t reached the level of success to buy the home of my dreams yet either, but I found it to be a wonderful exercise in discovering what I really want from my life. 689 more words

Saying "Yes" and Positive Thinking - How Does This Relate to Travel?

If you asked me to think long and hard about what my biggest flaw is, I would say that I say no far too often. I tend to be somewhat of an introvert, so when I’m invited out or the opportunity arises to do something that may push me out of my comfort zone, I tend to decline and play it safe rather than take a chance. 1,050 more words


List of Incompletes ~Nithya Shanti

Sharing Nithya Shanti’s post on my blog post, since his words made so much sense and they resonated. Sharing them here instead of saving them somewhere else for a future read, because one never knows may be they would resonate with a few readers who drop by at my blog here? 444 more words

Meeting Your Dharma with a YES

Committing to your path is like a marriage to you deepest nature … It is beyond ego commitment. It is birthed through your deepest longing to be with and consumed by that which you love. 33 more words

Everyday Connection

"Potting Mix" by Julia at MAKE coffee+stuff

Friday June 27, 2014 at MAKE
5 minutes
from the bag of soil

So my friend’s friend’s sister gave my friend’s friend one of those basil growing kits and my friend’s friend didn’t want it so she gave it to my friend who hated growing stuff unless it was pot so my friend gave it to me and told me to “make it rain”. 139 more words

The Art of Saying Yes, Not No

There are a thousand articles written on, “The Art of Saying No.”

(If you don’t believe me, try a Google search. “The Art of Saying No” is a title that has been reused again and again. 363 more words