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Happier Jump-Starts: Magic Holiday Phrases

‘Tis the season for otherwise reasonable people to become short-tempered, snappish, or downright frantic. The pressure we put on ourselves and others to create a “perfect” meal/day/season is, quite simply, ridiculous. 600 more words

How To Be Happier

Saying No.

So, I have been contemplating a new job for the last few weeks. I was approached about an opening within our company, to do something pretty different than what I am doing now. 561 more words

The Yes Schedule

So Monday I got in from doing the shopping – after my Zumba class and a full day’s work – and I’m scrolling through Facebook whilst having a wee (don’t judge – like you don’t do it!), waiting for the shower to heat up, and I come across this article: … 838 more words


Reasons to be Careful When Saying Yes

Yes – a powerful word that is associated with wanting to do something and positiveness. At a young age, we are taught if we want something we say “yes”. 549 more words

The Art of Saying Yes

Dear James Joyce, I will come out and say it,
I have forgotten you. Not your name, of course,
and not my general impression of your greatness. 275 more words

Say Yes to a Trip to Auckland's (Blog 1)

My planned trip to Aucklands has been 7 months in the making. On hearing the purpose of my blog, my friend Kirsty asked “Why not say yes to coming over to New Zealand for our birthdays?” 354 more words

Yes Woman 2014

Hinting a Proposal

Big news that I kind of don’t know what to do with. So let me tell you my awkward story… (what’s new?)

My boyfriend and I are currently long distance, me being in Oregon and him in Wisconsin. 439 more words