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Obama is speaking where I live this evening…

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Inspiration for the heart

“To step into tomorrow’s possibilities you must let go of yesterday’s realities. Be careful of your choices between what was, is and will be. It is very hard to fully step into your destiny while you are still holding on to your history.” - 446 more words


Quotes Wednesday

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Exploring wolf references: wolf whistle

Wolf-whistle is a little different from many of the phrases I’ve explored. Just why the sound, made by inserting one’s fingers into…one’s mouth…is unknown. Some suggest it’s called that because the men making it are wolves–giving unwanted advances toward women. 103 more words

Serial Addiction -- Your Weekly Read

Amazing Blogger: Eric!

Every week I want to share an amazing blogger with you all, so you can check out their blogs and maybe make some new friends! 282 more words