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Thanksgiving in the United States

The tradition of the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving is steeped in myth and legend. Few people realize that the Pilgrims did not celebrate Thanksgiving the next year, or any year thereafter, though some of their descendants later made a “Forefather’s Day” that usually occurred on December 21 or 22. 259 more words

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The things about the bold moves, they’re terrifying. Could end in nothing but tears, and that’s exactly what makes them so damned exciting. 


Proverbial Thursday - Proverbs and Quotes from Around the World

I find profound wisdom in proverbs, sayings and quotes and marvel at the way they are so succinct in communicating messages to the reader. Mostly anonymous, they come to us from past generations and across cultures, and speak of the experiences of lives lived and lessons learned. 89 more words