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My comments were in extremely poor taste and I apologize. Sometimes I say the wrong thing.

–Harry Reid. He don’t say. Incidentally, I am guessing that if a Republican made the kinds of comments Reid has made, s/he wouldn’t be said to have “built up a gaffe immunity by committing so many small-ish gaffes.” Rather, s/he would have seen his/her career come to an end.

A Tax ...!

A fine is a Tax for doing wrong !

A Tax is a fine for doing well !!


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I Am A Pasty White Sailor With Many Functions

Every time there’s the big fan torn, there’s the fall over

This is a personal one my sail, my steams, seems to go through


What comes easy, won't last

“What comes easy, won’t last. What lasts – won’t come easy.”

Inquiries Only,


The Blessings A Wife Is To The Family.

Had a friend share this on his Facebook wall. Very funny and very true. God Bless the wives out there!!!

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