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The Swoozie Bible Says: Read Between The F***ing Lines

Having a girlfriend is tough…for morons. Do not expect her to say anything that is genuine. “Does this make me look fat?” and stuff like that already have predetermined responses; saying anything deterring from the paved path manifesto of “KEEP HER HAPPY” is a sin. 17 more words


What Your Smartphone Choice Says About You

What kind of smartphone do you carry? Android? An iPhone?  Well, a new study reveals that there’s a link between a person’s smartphone choice and their education level. 79 more words


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Time has a way of demonstrating that the most stubborn are the most intelligent.


ST. ANN, MO (KTVI)-The St. Ann police chief is apologizing after an innocent man was injured and bloodied when he was mistakenly arrested Thursday afternoon. Joseph Swink, 22, is a COLLEGE junior studying accounting. He was on his way home from an INTERNSHIP at Edward Jones when it all unfolded. His grandmother, Marettree Sanders, says, “I’m angry. I’m upset. I didn’t sleep last night.” She didn’t sleep because of what happened to her grandson. The family has a photo showing Joseph’s bloodied face. Swink said he feared for his life. “I’m just glad that I’m still here.” St. Ann police says it was a case of mistaken identity on I-70. St. Ann police were pursuing a suspect wanted for 17 warrants. The suspect’s car crashed and went down into a ditch where he was arrested. The chief says Swink’s car had been clipped by the suspect and also crashed. When a second police car arrived, the three detectives inside only saw Swink’s car and him running from it. Police assumed the worst. St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez said, “Most of the time when you see that you know this is the bad guy. He’s running. Unfortunately, he was a citizen.” Swink was totally innocent. It turns out he was running from his car because it was filling with smoke. Reposted via @Revolutionary_mindset Tags: #BlackAmendment #JosephSwink #StAnnPolice #AaronJimenez #Icantbreathe #blacklove #BlackLivesMatter #ebonyfitness #worldstar #policebrutality #racialprofiling #WSHH #blackhistory #unity #SpreadAwareness

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#POLL: Naya Rivera Says Showering Every Day is a "White People Thing"

NAYA RIVERA from “Glee” does NOT bathe daily.  She says, quote:

“I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.”  …

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