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Getting started with Standards Based Grading

Student language unit syllabus. Vocabulary & I can statements. done.

Learning targets in grade book. Done.

3 assignments & 1st quiz- in the grade book. 158 more words


Birthday Picnic @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Started off my August with a very wonderful, pretty Birthday celebration! :D I am eating grapes while typing this back-dated post! Haha

Us and the birthday girl behind the scenes… 109 more words


What if they don't do it?

I’m still refining yesterday’s idea of having one day a week for assessment/review/integration in my General Physics II course. As often happens, I’m narrowing in on an idea/approach that I think could really help students learn, but there’s always the fear that they won’t do what’s necessary to get enough out of it. 715 more words


Assessment Fridays

Long-time readers of my blog know that August and January often feature posts with crazy syllabus brainstorms. This is one of those.

I’m teaching calc-based General Physics 2 this fall (yes, gen phys 2 in the fall, deal with it) for the first time in four years. 613 more words


My Favorite Formative Assessment

So @mathymeg07 posed some questions the other day.  They were good questions, and had some great comments that are worth your time to read.  The first one hit a spot that was near and dear to my heart. 1,190 more words

Good Teaching


Note: This is part 1 of what will be an ongoing commentary of my experiences this school year NOT giving grades.

Kid: “Hey mom look, I got a B in math class this trimester!” 689 more words


MBI Week 1: 2014-2015 Teaching Goals

Here are my top 3 goals for this year:

1) Implement Standards Based Grading
2) Start and finish the year using Interactive Student Notebooks
3) Revise my use of Do Nows/Warm-ups and stick to it. 714 more words