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Sync sbt build number with Jenkins

Put this in your build.sbt

val appPath= new File(“.”).getCanonicalPath()

val revisionFileName= appPath+”/../nextBuildNumber”

val major = 1

val minor = 0

val revision = if(Files.exists(Paths.get(revisionFileName))) (scala.io.Source.fromFile(revisionFileName).mkString.replaceAll(“\\s”,””).toInt – 1) + “-CI” else “localbrew”

version := s”${major}.${minor}.${revision}”

Web Development

The problems with being pro-active

First of all, massive apologies for the long absence.  I’ve been busy trying to finish my PhD thesis.

I’ve also been running low on ideas, to be honest, so if you have any suggestions, questions you would like answered, or would like to contribute, please do let me know! 1,403 more words

Matters Of Perception

SBT project in IntelliJ IDEA for Selenium WebDriver testing - tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to create brand new project in IntelliJ IDEA with SBT as a build tool. This project will contain WebDriver, TestNG and Hamcrest libraries, which you will use to create Selenium tests. 413 more words


Another Mongo Seed library

A while ago I wrote a mongo seed utility for SBT.

Well I’ve written another one, this time as a node library as we have a few node projects that can benefit from a bit of db seeding from time to time. 48 more words


SBT: Independent Scala and SBT versions for Plugins

Recently I have encountered a situation where I needed to use different version of SBT which was not supported by the plugin that the project depended on. 384 more words

Latino participa do “Programa Eliana” e fala sobre separação com Kelly Key


Latino participou do quadro “Rede da Fama” do “Programa Eliana”, que vai ao ar no próximo domingo (13). Na atração, o cantor falou sobre a separação com a cantora Kelly Key. 82 more words

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