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How to get notified about out-dated dependencies in build.sbt?

Scala SBT is the build tool for the programming language Scala. You can specify your project dependencies in the “build.sbt” file, similar to the pom.xml file in Maven. 194 more words


Scala SBT Support

We just added another package manager to our list. Now VersionEye supports Scala SBT. Now VersionEye can monitor your build.sbt file on GitHub or Bitbucket and notify you about out-dated dependencies in your Scal project. 164 more words

New Feature

Adding Scalastyle in a Multi-Module SBT Scala Project

Nowadays, building a Multi-Module SBT project is becoming very common. It helps us to keep multiple related projects in a single build. Moreover, each sub-project in the build has its own SBT default directory. 624 more words


Sync sbt build number with Jenkins

Put this in your build.sbt

val appPath= new File(“.”).getCanonicalPath()

val revisionFileName= appPath+”/../nextBuildNumber”

val major = 1

val minor = 0

val revision = if(Files.exists(Paths.get(revisionFileName))) (scala.io.Source.fromFile(revisionFileName).mkString.replaceAll(“\\s”,””).toInt – 1) + “-CI” else “localbrew”

version := s”${major}.${minor}.${revision}”

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The problems with being pro-active

First of all, massive apologies for the long absence.  I’ve been busy trying to finish my PhD thesis.

I’ve also been running low on ideas, to be honest, so if you have any suggestions, questions you would like answered, or would like to contribute, please do let me know! 1,403 more words

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