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Electronic and acoustic-electronic triggers

After finishing all the acoustic parts of Rob’s kit, it was time for electronics.

From my understanding, Rob uses-

1. 10″ Pintech dual-zone electronic trigger (x2), to his left side… 190 more words

RB_LP presentation video

Another one after GTR video. Of course, the drum set is not completed yet, and the video covers the assembling of kit as of 27th January. 19 more words

The MLU SU – Su-27SM – part 3

And here we are – the paint is on and the thing looks like the real deal now. Well not really yet, as engines area is still masked, some parts are still not installed and of course, it hasn’t been weathered yet. 20 more words

Scale Model

BMW M3 GTR Presentation video

All movable and detachable parts, I think, are not apparent in photos (like my friends didn’t expect bonnet to pop up or opening/closing of doors). So, for the record, I decided to make a short video

double kick pedal and cymbals

Rob has introduced the double kick pedal to his kit for the band’s latest work. It was a component I was most eager about. The pedal system has about 200 paper pieces and took 6 days to complete ( I certainly don’t work for 24 hours a day) 59 more words

Double Delta Fishbed – part 2

Last time, I was talking about experience required when building short-run kits. Today I’ve decided to show you the hurdles that await me with this kit. 178 more words

Scale Model

rack and mounting systems

2x 46″ curved rods

3x 24″ curved wings

3x 36″ t-leg assemblies

4x 16″ boom assemblies

1x 12″ boom assembly

3x tom arms 126 more words