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Su-35S 'Flanker-E' - pt. 1

If you are one of those, that follow my blog and my projects, it should come as no surprise, that I have a soft spot for Flankers. 532 more words

Scale Model

Panavia Tornado IDS - Marineflieger

Finally finished. I am not completely satisfied with the end result. Too much time has passed, since I’ve began this project, Revell moulds have deteriorated quite a lot, Model Alliance decals failed on me, so I had to resort to ALPS printed HaHen ones, which aren’t bad, but not great. 92 more words

Scale Model

A Scale Model of "Where I Saw It"

“Some people just will not be convinced by anything less than a scale model”

- The President and Founder

It’s not “their” fault really. 189 more words

Hetzer diorama update 3

Quick update: I’ve completed the basic ground work and base coated the soil. I added more debris, made a few small touch-ups and started the vegetation work. 126 more words

Scale Model

Hetzer diorama update 2

I worked a bit on my Hetzer diorama this weekend. I started by making more debris to use on the house ruin.

Individual bricks

First, I prepared some individual brick using strips of thin cork. 579 more words

Scale Model


This is a scale model of a World War Two Imperial Japanese carrier (IJN AKAGI) which I built few weeks back. The mode of the carrier here is during the Battle of Midway where the Akagi was finally sunk by American dive bombers. 87 more words