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Nestlé Waters in a few facts -

Created in 1992.
Today Nestlé Waters is the number one bottled water company worldwide. Click here to display our key figures pages. 303 more words


The fabric illusionist - how different fabrics create different effects

The fabrics you choose for  your garments have a huge impact. Let’s look at a range of similarly-shaped dresses and skirts in plain fabrics. (All images from Hobbs.co.uk). 1,084 more words

Style Advice

The Rose Car Park | Next Level | Right

If The Rose Street Car Park is all about jumbling up all of Melbourne’s letter styles, this long stretch could be the most unique in it’s presentation. 77 more words


Reed, M. G., & Bruyneel, S. (2010). Rescaling environmental governance, rethinking the state: A three-dimensional review. Progress in Human Geography, 34(5), 646–653

This article provides a critical perspective on the notion of multi-level governance and the perceived ‘hollowing-out’ of the state. Though multi-level governance implies inclusion of a variety of actors at different scales, all engaged in management over a resources, or to address an environmental issue, the research shows that examining short and long-term time horizons illustrates how state roles are altered in multiscalar processes “but is not necessarily diminished” (651). 325 more words

Reading Reflections

The second Web-scale problem - can't run Microsoft Applications

In our last column, we discussed one of the challenges that web-scale architectures face when the enterprise tries to adopt them: “The first Web-scale problem – too many parts”. 397 more words


Jenny Q: Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying

I like this simple list, and can vouch for #8!

The 20 suggestions include:

  • Drink water 15 minutes before every meal or snack.
  • Don’t eat three hours or less before going to bed.
  • 83 more words

Going large

You don’t need to go beyond the executive summary of Making It BigNesta‘s new report on ‘Strategies for Social Social Innovations’ to see just how confused the UK’s leading thinkers are about the subject. 1,192 more words