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Antique Scales

Grocer’s scales, antique. $245. French provincial style part dinner setting, modern $195. Green enamel shade. 1940’s $69.

Mermaid Scales

These are mermaid scales. These are fallen scales so, no, I did not pluck scales from the mermaid. They must be kept in water otherwise they lose their shine and turn into shells


Artist talk - Victoria Jones

We were lucky enough to have an artist come in and talk to us this week about her own professional practice, and how she balances her working life as a fine artist with other work in order to fund her practice and pay her bills. 604 more words


Day 22 - October 22nd - Flapjack!

It would appear that the worst of the Hurricane winds are past, and I managed to go for a nice but rather cold run this morning. 399 more words

Wye The Flute?

Day 21 - October 21st - Hurricane!

Last night the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo hit the UK, and so I woke up this morning to high winds and generally wet weather. Through the day it alternated wind and rain with lovely sunny patches, which was fascinating to watch from the warm comfort of my bedroom. 368 more words

Wye The Flute?

Crabwise Scales

Crabwise scales are a good way of quickly practicing all 12 keys in one go.

The idea is to play one octave of a scale ascending then move up a semitone and play the next scale an octave descending. 116 more words


Turtle ( Drawing 92 )

Sometimes you just feel like drawing a turtle. Might this, however be a tortoise?