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Apps To Watch: Chartspan

Chartspan is a new app in the medical category.   Launched July  2014.  Development took 18 months.  Current version is 1.0.5.  Ratings are around 4.8 in Apple App store.   127 more words


Big Progress Announcement

Good Afternoon all!

Today is Weigh Day Wednesday and I have a progress update to inform you all of. But first, let me tell you about this last week. 618 more words

My Progress

Day 2 and bit of day 3 week 4

So does the scale lie? I’ve always known the scale is variable but after Mondays weigh in I jumped on the scales. My weight had decreased by 0.5kg. 101 more words

Year 3 Clay Work

Year 3 have started to use clay to make their canopic jar heads this afternoon. After weighing out exactly 400g of clay the children then moulded and shaped either a human, baboon, falcon or Jackal’s head on top of their decorated tubes. 15 more words

The Mike Brown Verdict...

I am deeply saddened by the “No indictment” verdict in the Michael Brown case. Surely his life, like Trayvon Martin’s, was worth more than the time it took for the world to blink and look away. 34 more words


Note Selection!!!

Choosing the right notes is more important than how many notes you can play. Bass at its core is a foundation and support instrument, it holds the low end rhythmically and tonally. 222 more words

"We don't want you cheating."

After being fed “hospitalization” “heart rate” more doctors, etc. I was slightly concerned about my heart, or maybe just more concerned that I was being threatened with the hospital. 856 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery