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Day 122 - January 30th - Snow and Frustration

This morning I woke to the first proper snowfall; white fields and hedgerows. Despite the cold, I thoroughly enjoyed the walk to class and could almost have passed Trevor’s house by and carried on! 253 more words

Wye The Flute?

We think and work in all scales

We think and work in all scales. That’s the basis for every project regarding environmental sustainability and stewardship, social equity, economic viability and aesthetic delight. 43 more words


Losing It With Emma - Weight Loss Update

I’m back with another weight loss update. You may remember from my last post that I was grappling with some pretty intense chocolate cravings and bloating but luckily both of those things have subsided now. 348 more words

Weekly update: 21st Jan to 28th Jan

Slipping behind a bit on the blog, mostly due to the workloads of the year end and also due to daily blogging being difficult to regularly keep up with..     792 more words


Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained...

This week my weight has stayed the same. Normally, this would send me into a catastrophic downward spiral, where I would lose motivation and blow the diet/lifestyle/plan. 314 more words

Scales - Major and Minor

The notes are arranged in the form of scales that defines the way each note is read. The structure defines the basic arrangement of notes that makes it suitable for the most basic and appropriate structure for the music under play. 454 more words

Guitar Lessons