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Wake Up Now a Pyramid? What Pyramid?

I know a lot of people think what I am apart of is whats called a pyramid scheme but what I ask is………… Really? How many of us will actually move from entry level to CEO? 42 more words


Why do we need Financial Literacy?

Thank you to my fellow Financial Literacy advocates, there are more and more Financial Literacy seminars being conducted not just here in Japan and Philippines but all over the world. 617 more words


To the woman who called me today . . . from # (888) 978-7818

I promise, after this week, I will be back to regularly scheduled programming. But just now, I have a PSA to post about a particular scammer that I tangled with today. 842 more words

Family feels scammed by landlord and left without power for days

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – A Grand Rapids family signed a one-year lease for an apartment after they responded to a Craigslist ad that seemed too good to be true; it turned out it was. 683 more words


Pet Sitters Can Be Scammed Too!

Those wonderful words anybody wants to hear when they are a small business owner: “I am interested in using your services!” Your heart starts racing and the pulse picks up on your new unsolicited email lead and you quickly grab your mouse to reply with all your information to start to close the deal. 1,133 more words


Penny Stock Scams and the Classic Pump and Dump!

So in my previous post, “Is Stock Trading Really for Me?, I mention that penny stocks are not evil contrary to what many will tell you. 663 more words