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40 tourist scams

Saw this beautiful information of tourist scams that are existing all around the world. It would definitely be very helpful to me and I would love to post it here to provide information and raise the awareness. 35 more words



Live this helpful info graphic about travel scams.

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Authors: What to do if Your Book gets Pirated

There is not a lot of recourse against the site itself, especially if the site is out of the country. If the web hosting site is U.S.A., you can send a DMCA take down letter to the web hosting site. 263 more words

Book Reviews And Books

Is Dieting an Eating Disorder?

eat·ing dis·or·der
noun: eating disorder; plural noun: eating disorders
any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa).
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They’d Played Until They Were Both Unconscious, When the Call Girl Woke Up, She’d Sued for Rape

And here, sex still S-E-L-L-S, and, they still don’t learn, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu called up a call girl to go to his private workshop, to get drunk and play dice, and the one who lost would be punished by drinking alcohol and smoking ketamin cigarettes and swallowing ecstasy, after the woman swallowed one and half pills of ecstasy, she’d become unconscious for three whole hours; as she’d gone home and showered, she’d found something slippery in her pubic regions, she’d called the cops and accused Wu of rape. 366 more words


Penny Stock Scams and the Classic Pump and Dump!

So in my previous post, “Is Stock Trading Really for Me?, I mention that penny stocks are not evil contrary to what many will tell you. 663 more words

How to avoid bad auctions

In this article, I give you tips on how to do well at auctions, and how to avoid bad auctions.

Not all auctions make everyone play by the same rules.   518 more words