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The dog ate....their credibility

In 15 years at CUB, I’ve heard my share of goofy pitches from alternative gas/electric suppliers. But I never thought I’d hear of sales reps pulling the old “dog ate my homework” excuse to try to close a deal. 396 more words

Electric Bills

Scam Alert: Beware Microsoft tech imposters!

Getting a call from Microsoft?  Think twice before you answer!  Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft technical support are now targeting Illinois residents.

Here’s how the scam works: 193 more words


Interwebbed: TGIF Cyber and Crypto Headlines for August 29

Happy Friday! If you are sure you didn’t get hacked this week, two things:

  1. Congratulations
  2. You sure about that?

Read our link roundup and double check! 293 more words


#60secondsecurity - be aware of #courier #fraud

Greater Manchester Police have produced a series of ‘60 Second Security’ videos on simple security advice. They provide easy step-by-step tips, including advice on products and how to install and use them, helping to make people and their property safer. 49 more words

Community Safety

Small scams = big hurts for older adults

All too frequently we hear news stories of older adults being swindled out of their life savings. What we hear little about, however, are the small scams that frequently target older adults. 541 more words


Parcel Delivery Scam

A recent scam highlighted by some consumer programmes is when an unexpected parcel is delivered to your door.

You sign for the parcel and take it in, perhaps thinking it contains something you had forgotten you ordered, or perhaps your partner ordered it.  388 more words

Crime Prevention

Guy Saves Hundreds By Displaying Homemade "Ginger Discount" Card At Local Businesses

As if we need further proof that redheaded folks are smooth, savvy and otherwise generally awesome, one flame-haired fellow in Scotland is taking advantage of his coif’s color by flashing a homemade “Ginger Discount Card” to save on tabs at the bar, restaurants and anywhere he can buy stuff. 198 more words

raincoaster reblogged this on The Cryptosphere and commented:

The "Ginger Discount" should be a real thing. Aw heck, I'd give him the discount just for the sheer audacity of this scheme. Social engineering at its finest.