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Marketing and Solicitors

There appears to be a new craze circling around author circles that as I start to build myself online more, create more of a presence, that I am getting bombarded with. 428 more words


Watch Out for These Red Flags to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

It is hard to overstate the popularity of online shopping. There is almost no category of product that can’t be purchased online. From wedding dresses, to pets and potato chips, consumers are heading online to purchase things that only a few years ago would have been considered strange to buy online. 578 more words


Life Isn't Fair and so are Some Instagram Competitions

I believe there has alway been that one time that either one of us has decided to partake in a competition because the prize that you are possibly able to win is something that we have interest in or really want. 819 more words

The General Posts

3 Reasons Why I Hated Bali

Written by: Thomas

Bali might be considered a dream destination to some, but for me there are a few reasons why I will never return. 612 more words


World Business List - this scam just won't die.

I detailed the workings of this fraudulent operation back in 2013, and wondered at that time why the Dutch authorities don’t shut these scumsuckers down. 483 more words


IRS Says Thousands Have Been Scammed Into Paying Bogus Back Taxes

Let’s be honest for a moment and acknowledge that not everyone is 100% honest or accurate when filing their tax returns. There are lots of people out there who wouldn’t be shocked to hear from the IRS that they owe more or didn’t pay enough, which is why thousands of Americans have been scammed out of millions of dollars by con artists pretending to represent the IRS. 326 more words