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PDF Scanners - Round Three: Scanbot

Scanbot, that sounds like a ripoff of my favorite developers Tapbots. I’ve got to see how much rubbish this app is, I thought to myself. 368 more words


A Threshold Scan

In this hybrid of an image and a scan, there is a door in the background and leaves in the foreground. The frame of the doorway is also called the threshold. 96 more words

Do [11C]choline PET/CT scan data change clinical decision-making?

The practical value of any type of diagnostic and prognostic technology can only really be assessed in the context of whether the data generated by that technology change the way that physicians treat (or make recommendations about treatment for) individual patients. 365 more words


All Clear

Sunday night was a pretty restless one. The scan fears were back. In fact my plan of going into work for an hour before the scan backfired spectacularly when I burst into tears moments before leaving home. 109 more words


IVF #1 - CD11 - We had a few wins!

Wooo! Always like to start a post with a whoot and not a whine.

I had my second scan yesterday and there was good news. All is progressing well but not quite so well that I’ll have my egg retrieval tomorrow…we are waiting until Monday instead. 418 more words

Secondary Infertility

EPAU scan number 2

Yesterday was my second scan at the EPAU. The nurse there is awesome and so so lovely. She really does make you feel at ease. After initial chat I was told to come back at half 10 with a full bladder because chances are a scan of my belly would show baby. 354 more words