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Is DynamoDB a good choice for NoSql ?

Few insights into DynamoDB

Data Restrictions

  • DynamoDB has a size limitation of 64kb on the record sizes which is very limiting

  • They have a query fetch limitation of 1MB.

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Scan and separate multiple files easily with Photoshop®

When scanning a number of photographs you might have thought of doing it all together… yes you can do it with Adobe Photoshop!

In this Tutorial I’ll explain the process. 83 more words

Photoshop Advanced

Ancient harvestman had four eyes

A study of a 305 milion year old fossil harvestman from France has revealed that this specimen had four eyes. This is rather special, because all currently living harvestmen, as well as other fossilised harvestmen that have been studied, only have two eyes. 273 more words


Why you should edit your film scans

I am often surprised by the lack of editing I see in people posting their film photo’s. I don’t know of it is a) lack of understanding of post processing b) laziness c) some sort of purity mentality regarding film d) just liking the look of it. 358 more words


In-Store Mobile Use Crosses Generational Lines

Consumers aren’t just using their mobile devices as part of their shopping experience; they rely on these devices while in-store to assist in the buying process. 436 more words