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Because Being From Lebanon Is Enough For Being An Unwelcome Customer!

Personal info filled, address defined, account created, items added to the cart, details chosen and … “Lebanon” is not on the countries’ list to checkout.

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Walker: Slippery Slimeball

This is an essay I wrote on 7/22/2014 regarding Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, USA:

Scott Walker has been surrounded in scandal for years. He is either a conman disguised as the governor of Wisconsin, or close associates with dishonorable people. 1,618 more words

YouTube celebrities sex scandal:why we have every right to feel angered, even sickened, but not entirely surprised...

Well, well, well, we certainly seem to have plunged headfirst down a rabbit hole don’t we? I’ve recently come across all this ‘youtube scandal’ stuff (late, i know) and my heads still reeling a little, to be honest. 1,142 more words

Report: UNC has paid over $1M in PR costs for academic scandal

UNC is racking up a pretty serious tab in the wake of its academic scandal.

The scandal began back in 2010 but has blown up in recent months. 180 more words


Podcast #68: Scandalous Sex Ed (with Olivia Pope)

One girl’s brush with stardom is another’s volunteer sex ed class. This storyteller reflects on her 5th-grade role model, who discussed tampons and the menstrual cycle without making her students “scandalized.” Today’s story comes from our March 2014 show, “Starstruck.” 98 more words


Scandal s3 ep 13

I can’t imagine I would ever tire of seeing Sally in religious mania mode (“Yum yum, crispy piggy! Yum yum!”). She’s decided to use the forthcoming Presidential debate to confess to the nation about her murder of Daniel Douglas. 317 more words


How to Get Away with Scandal, Week 5

For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you already know this.  For those of you who aren’t, here’s the scoop—I’ve got a s**t-ton of things to do for my classes in the coming month, mostly because I’m missing a week to visit my college friend, AM, on the West Coast before Thanksgiving.  1,153 more words