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#Benghazi: retired Lt. General to head Select Committee legal team


Lt. Gen. Dana Chipman, 55, attended West Point and received his law degree from Stanford Law School in 1986, according to public reports. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Strategic Studies.

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How do I report police misconduct? | Flex Your Rights

Here is something I consider a citizens guide to protect yourself from the wrath of Police Brutality in this nation. I found this searching brutality cases and wanted to share it to those who don’t think they have any rights against Police Brutality! 525 more words


#IRS: IT professionals skeptical of Lerner email loss story

And I say “skeptical” because, I’m sure, the real language the head of the International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers¬†used was not repeatable in polite company. 173 more words


Speaker's Boehner's meaningless, craven lawsuit

Pathetic. Speaker John Boehner announced plans for the House to sue President Obama in court to force him to do his job and enforce the laws. 675 more words


IRS scandal: forget the special counsel. Instead, impeach.

The growing frustration with the various scandals of the Obama administration have lead to repeated calls from the Opposition for special prosecutors to investigate and, if warranted, to criminally prosecute violators, most recently in the IRS scandal. 1,066 more words


#IRS had an external email archiving service from 2005 to 2011

Well, la-dee-da. Isn’t this interesting?

The agency said that emails stored on dead drives were lost forever because its email backup tapes were recycled every six months, and employees were responsible for keeping their own long-term archives.

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