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Sweet summer child

I am a true summer child. I love the sun, the flowers, the birds and all nature’s activity in summer. I brighten up under a warm blue sky. 180 more words


North - Scandinavia nature

Scandinavia is way up North on our planet Earth. Scandinavia includes Norway, Sweden and Denmark, however if we want to include Island and Finland we have to call it Nordic. 29 more words


Working (out) culture

It’s amazing just how drastically different working cultures can be even within Europe. So far I have worked in international companies in four different countries and I get asked a lot about my experiences. 1,370 more words


News - Europe tour 2015

Sometimes it’s just too damn easy to be dismissive. Despite enjoying six top forty singles here in the UK, Europe are primarily remembered by most for one song and one song only, and it wasn’t even particularly representative of their sound. 297 more words


Solo Scandinavian Sightseeing.

I haven’t updated this blog in a while due to work and just general life. I am going to make so much more effort to blog at least once a week from now on…hopefully! 198 more words


The Summer Book: It's There in the Title

Published by Kettle Magazine 23/07/2014

Despite recent thunderstorms, summer is – apparently – upon us, and so are a wealth of articles recommending the best summer reads. 690 more words