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At the races

Last year was quite the drama at Small Ships’ Race. Boats capsized in the wind and it was truly a game for only those who knew how to sail. 87 more words


"Zalmoxis - first legislator of the Getae" by Carolus Lundius

The original of this book still exists in the archives of the Uppsala university, revealing the fact that the Goths are actually Getae (the greek name for what the romans called Dacians), also the true origin of the scandinavians and about what was the first known set of laws ever written. 39 more words


'The Boreal Feast' cookbook celebrates the North's wild ingredients

TORONTO – Michele Genest has long celebrated the wild ingredients of Northern Canada, foraging and creating delicious recipes with which to savour what she’s collected. Now she’s turned to examining how cultures in other northern countries treat the same ingredients. 903 more words


Up a Creek without a...in Sweden

When we travel it’s safe to say there is a lot of planning that goes into reaching our final destination.  Passports – Check, Money – Check, backpacks or suitcases – Check,  and the list goes on until finally we have made it on vacation and the fun begins.   1,488 more words


A place called home...

Dearest Friends and Family! <3 So I am back in Norway. I reached here safely after a 27 hours long journey. It was so very tiresome, but I managed and I did not lose my courage! 113 more words


Trip Advisor Thinks Sexism isn't 'Relevant'. Tell that to Female Travellers.

Written for The Vagenda, who kindly gave me permission to reproduce this article here. 

All too often, I find amongst my female friends that the idea of travelling alone without a trusty male companion is deemed a total no-go, lest your alluring three-day-no-shower look and sunburn garners threaten unwanted attention. 733 more words