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[Manga] Kimi no Tame nara Shineru chapter 6

Finally finished this chapter after having gone through some difficulties, like my bad translation skills, low quality raws and the lack of spare time due to university (I even edited on the train). 404 more words


Scanlation Announcement (#1)

Just some updates since I’ve been quite inactive recently. I’m still translating Sprite Recordings’ album EMOTIVE BRILLIANCE (just been too lazy…), but since it’s my last week of my treasured holidays and as I came across so many Yuri Mangas abandoned, dropped, cancelled or whatsoever, I decided to do something about this. 383 more words



Hi all,

Our website is in the progress to move to a paid host and my web admin has been really swamped so the site is a little slow in updates… Lately there has been streams of interests from various languages scanlators looking to retranslate our pick ups… As we need to reorganise the project section of this webpage, please bear with us for now and refer to this page before putting in your request. 155 more words


Taihen Yoku Dekimashita Chapter 01

YATTA!!!! We have released! Although we had a slight mishap with this series where another scanlation group also decided to pick up Taihen Yoku Dekimashita and release before us, we here over at Paperdolls are still dedicated to bring you a quality release. 325 more words


GSNK Chapter 54

>_< Nozaki and his stories…

It was tough translating them because I was wondering if they were supposed to make sense. So I relied quite a bit on the Chinese translations for this chapter (and they still don’t make sense, to me at least). 6 more words

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun


This is not a new issue to the community, but as a new scan group, this is new experience for me and frustrating as hell. 317 more words


はにぃ*ばでぃ (Honey*Buddy) Chapter 02

Hi all,

Sorry for the quiet on the blog front, ever since moving to my new apartment, I have been busy all around. Today, finally Honey*Buddy Chapter 02 is released! 165 more words