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Young Women See Sexual Assault As Normal, Report Finds

This should be shocking, but I’m not the least bit surprised. We’ve become so used to it. No one is phased anymore. Even our kids accept this as normal. 22 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Shocking, isn't it???

Marriage Became a Matter of MORE Than Two

God DAMN it, we’d only married for a D-A-Y, and here comes a THIRD wheel!!!

Marriage became a matter of more than two, because the “population” keeps on “increasing”, from the moment of CONCEPTION, you KNEW, that I would NOT give you my totally and undivided attention, plus, I have to work, manage a company of however many. 160 more words


Truancy Laws: How Are They Affecting Our Legal Systems, Our Schools, and the Students Involved? - The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas - Volume 87, Issue 3

Truancy laws have an interesting history in America. In the past, truancy laws were rarely enforced and resulted in the student’s removal from school rather than troubleshooting the bigger issues that led to their absenteeism. 127 more words


Can You Accept This? Using the State of Intoxication as an Excuse, Getting Away with Rape

Injustice in the world, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 26-year-old married man, Wang, after he’d gotten drunk, raped the seventy-five year old elementary school female instructor that taught him in class, on the first trial, the judge gave him eight years, on the second, the verdicts were flipped, the judge went by the hospital reports, and took in that Wang had NO way of controlling his behaviors after he’d gotten intoxicated, found him not guilty. 496 more words


If the Kids are the Only "Things" that Keeps Him Coming Back to You

Time to HIT that GAS pedal, and speed WAY pass that one-horse-town called SPLITSVILLE!!!

If the kids are the only “things” that keeps him coming back to you, then, what WOULD be the point of your marriages, after all, you’d become nothing MORE than a “breeding PIG” to him, a “baby machine”, an “incubator”, a way of him, passing HIS genes on, and, do you really (I mean, R-E-A-L-L-Y!!!) what to carry that LOSER’s “spawn”?  157 more words


mama didn't raise no fool

out there on the edge I am.
supporting my self, my heart, my true self
for the first time in my life.
im 40.

i’ve finally learned to HEAR and to LISTEN… 1,778 more words