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Watch your step over your words.

A problem that I have recently faced with a friend was what many may claim to be “reverse racism” (which many also claim to be bullshit. 553 more words


Mimetic Scarcity (1)

René Girard’s theory of mimetic desire has many implications for economics but Girard himself has never explored this area except for a few passing references. Pierre Dumouchel is among the colleagues of Girard who has done this for us. 758 more words


“I’m So Depressed”

I read an excellent blog entry that does a good job of trying to bust some of the myths surrounding depression and how depressed people act. 725 more words

A University Makes the Victims of Sexual Crimes Feel They Were to Blame

And, NO, I still did NOT JUST make this up, I discovered in on Yahoo!, written by H. McLeod…

A Christian University in South Carolina discouraged some students who reported being sexually assaulted as children or on campus to go to the police and made them feel they were responsible for the abuse, a report released on Thursday said. 405 more words

Cost Of Living

Blaming His Teenage Grandson’s Stroke on the Bad Oils

Story from the news, translated…

The former representative of the voting committee of the KMT, Liu told the shocking tale of how his young fourteen-year-old grandson just had a stroke at the beginning of the year, and the team of medical experts couldn’t find out the cause, because his grandson is slimly built, and enjoyed a good workout regularly, and there was no family history either, he’d suspected that the cause was how much bad oils from the fried food from outside that his grandson had consumed. 331 more words

Coping Mechanisms

What Everyone Is Missing, Your Government Still Believes Torture Is Legal

With all the hand wringing on cable news and the condemnations of bloggers in every conceivable language, you’d think that yesterday’s Senate Intelligence Report detailing… 360 more words

December 10, 2014


For about a decade now there has been an organization called, “Homeless Hub”, and it ostensibly exists to end homelessness in Canada (and the USA).  414 more words