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Reclaiming Power

In nearly every nation, people are brought up in a culture of power and struggle. We are taught to put forth effort to subdue our inner nature. 1,023 more words


What the Hell is Scapegoating?

Scapegoating. What the Hell is it? I was aware of its pain as a child, especially as a teenager, except there was no way to describe it. 4,077 more words


Bridal Flashback: Wedding Dress Shopping (part 3)

On the day of my much-anticipated second wedding dress appointment, my two bridesmaids, my mother and I were meeting for brunch beforehand.

A few words on wedding dress shopping: it’s worse than bathing suit shopping. 1,594 more words

Narcissistic Mother

A Child Was Hurt, the Kindergarten Won’t Take Responsibilities, the Father of the Child Sued

Let’s see what this one is all about, shall we???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A five-year-old girl last week was injured at a certain kindergarten in Luzhou District, the back of her had had a laceration of about six centimeters, she was sent to the hospitals for stitches; the parents claimed that the instructor had told them that it was his fault and promised to pay, but he’d asked the parents to sign a contract, not going after the instructor, after the parents signed, the kindergarten changed their claims, said that the kid tripped and fell on her own, the parents sued the kindergarten for damages. 312 more words

Cost Of Living

A Legacy of Stealing ... 7 Often Unrecognized Acts

STEALING: to take, especially in a secret manner : to take slyly, surreptitiously (Coles Concise English Dictionary, 1979)

Other words for STEAL (Synonyms): take, filch, bag, thieve, loot, rob, purloin, embezzle, defraud, keep, carry away or off, appropriate, take possession of, withdraw, divert, lift, remove, impress, abduct, shanghai, kidnap, spirit away, run off with, hold for ransom, rifle, sack, cheat, cozen, hold up, strip, poach, peculate, counterfeit, circulate bad money, swindle, plagiarize, misappropriate, housebreak, burglarize, blackmail, fleece, plunder, pillage, despoil, ransack, crib, burgle, stick up, hijack, skyjack, pinch, rustle, rip off, liberate, snatch, lift, freeze onto, annex, copy, swipe, mooch, gyp, dip one’s hands into, make off with. 442 more words

Liturgical Animals (1)

The reality of mimetic desire guarantees that we will engage in liturgical activity. What kind of liturgical activity and for what end leads to many possibilities. 710 more words


Creating Scapegoats - a Political Reason for Gang Stalking?

When governments fail, or are intentionally implementing policies which the majority of the population rejects, they often resort to two diversion tactics. Waging war and the creation of scapegoats. 1,268 more words