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A Man on a Wheelchair Hacked His Case Worker, Got Seven Years in Prison

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A physically handicapped man, Jiang lived off of government assistance, suspected that the female social worker, Cheng had caused him to not get his free stays at the motels, after he’d broken into her workplace, he’d stood up and started screaming at her, and used a harvest knife, and hacked her five times, causing Cheng to be seriously injured.   320 more words

Messed Up Values

Their Backsides Looked Like His Former Girlfriend, He’s Splashed Acid on Them, to Get Revenge on His Ex

The bad behaviors of a loser, or, call it, love became REVENGE if you want to, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female English teacher awhile ago, rode her motorcycle home, and was splashed with acid, and the very next day, two other women fell victims of the same acts, the police two nights ago, arrested Tsai, with multiple priors, who was responsible for hurt the women, and he’d admitted that because his girlfriend broke up with him, he was in a bad mood, that, was why he’d targeted those ladies who looked like his ex from the back, and took his angers out on them. 360 more words

Vicious Cycle

What I hate the most...

about being homeless is not being able to access my books for reference.  I remember the lessons within the covers, but I can’t quote any of them.  80 more words

Scapegoats, Golden Children, and Dysfunction.

In my journey to discovering the truth of my past and the effect it has had on me as a person, and to ensure I don’t continue the patterns of abuse that shaped my life in the lives of the children I dream of having, I have been looking in to the experiences of others and noticing when it correlates to my own experience. 1,881 more words

My Journey

When an Unarmed Black Man Gets Shot by a White Cop

And no, this, is still N-O-T the last time this will EVER happen!!!

When an unarmed black man gets shot by a white cop, wait a minute, did I get shipped back somewhere in time again, because it’s feeling a whole lot like déjà vu!!! 162 more words

Properties Of Life

Sleeping with the devil: my marriage to a psychopath

The above e-card pretty much describes my ex to a tee (except maybe the commitment issues)–and for the purposes of this blog, I have named him Michael (not his real name). 4,471 more words


Overcoming Codependency Page One

Overcoming Codependency Page One.

Codependents are ‘addicted,’
not to a destructive substance,
but to a destructive pattern
of relating to other people.

Internal boundaries enable us… 79 more words