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Scapegoating with Gilbert & George

With London sweltering and Art Fox wilting, Alex remained keen to visit the Gilbert & George private view at the White Cube last week. The rabble were swilling posh beers on the piazza so we headed straight in, hoping for air-con. 274 more words


Assuming the Blames

Scapegoating here… Assuming the blames, because I’m an easy target, the weakest link, and, everybody picks on me, blamed me for their misfortunes, and when things don’t go their ways, I’m the one who takes the fall. 221 more words


They’d Played Until They Were Both Unconscious, When the Call Girl Woke Up, She’d Sued for Rape

And here, sex still S-E-L-L-S, and, they still don’t learn, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Wu called up a call girl to go to his private workshop, to get drunk and play dice, and the one who lost would be punished by drinking alcohol and smoking ketamin cigarettes and swallowing ecstasy, after the woman swallowed one and half pills of ecstasy, she’d become unconscious for three whole hours; as she’d gone home and showered, she’d found something slippery in her pubic regions, she’d called the cops and accused Wu of rape. 366 more words


BLAMING: A leadership woe

Blame is an allegation that someone or something outside of oneself is responsible. Singling out any individual or a group for a flaw or transgression is called scapegoating and happens at all levels. 1,792 more words


Plan C: World Repentance

Contingency planning for the end of the world

All life on earth is now threatened by man-made global warming. And the holders of the world’s political and economic power, as a whole, seem powerless or unwilling to stop it. 801 more words


The Electric Blanket Had Caused the Baby Girl to Suffer from Burns, the Nurse Got Reprimanded and Placed on Leave

Is this scapegoating on the woman by the hospitals, I don’t know, let’s see then, shall we???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A baby girl, Peng was burned by the use of an electric blanket of the Bao-Er Women and Children’s Clinic, yesterday, after the sanitation department took a closer look at the matter, they’d decided that the caretaker of the infant, a nurse, Yuan, had used the electric blankets against the rules, and engaged in negligence, and they’d put her on administrative leave for one month to one year’s term, and the clinic was also at fault for NOT monitoring, and the clinic could get fined up to a quarter of a million dollars. 388 more words