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More September paintings: landscapes!

“this line of scarlet” 

M11987  76 x 122 x 3,7 cm   23,200


“for his sons”

M11988  76 x 122 x 3,7 cm  23,200

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New Munro Paintings.

Doel: a deserted town

The city of Antwerp is the second biggest it of Belgium. It also contains the second biggest port of Europe. In order to keep it competitive it continuously expands swallowing nearby towns like the one portrayed below: Doel. 124 more words


Some views from the past.

Just because some days you think of long gone moments and beautiful places you visit. These three pics are from an earlier time, back when I lived in Uganda. 83 more words


step away from the camera

First, I am now well settled on the West Coast – time to get back to work and thank you for hanging in there with me.  430 more words


Tropical adventures

A two week break diving in the Maldives produced the results below. Unfortunately no underwater housing yet so you’ll have to imagine the beautiful underwater pictures yourself :-) 38 more words


More than just a game: An Appadurai inspired analysis of the FIFA World Cup

In opposition to the idea that globalisation is a simple process of cultural homogenisation (O’Shaughnessy, Stadler, 2012, p.458), anthropologist Arjun Appadurai (1996, p.46) proposes that contemporary global conditions reflect the dynamic flow of ethnic groups (ethnoscapes), technology (technoscapes), financial transactions (financescapes), media images (mediascapes) and ideological conflicts (ideoscapes). 890 more words


Week 11: CSA Food Heaven

Hello members! It’s an exciting time in the share right now.  Tomatoes are coming in, and summer squash, cucumbers, carrots, and beets are weighing down our produce bags, not to mention the abundance of basil and salad greens we get each week.   984 more words