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A glorious garlic harvest

It was something we decided on a whim, but planting garlic seems to be one of the best choices we’ve made for our garden.

Although a few either rotted in the ground or were dug up by squirrels, we ended up with almost two dozen bulbs. 378 more words


Wemeldinge evening

I normally do not dive during weekdays but last Wednesday the weather was so nice, I just had to go and see some nature. Loaded up the car, drove an hour and a half just to go diving. 33 more words


Sweet and Savory Bacon-filled Scones

I was invited to a ‘breakfinner’ potluck and was trying to come up with something creative that involved bacon… I ended up experimenting with scones, making a savory cheddar, bacon and basil recipe, an a sweet maple oatmeal bacon recipe! 134 more words


Havarti bacon salad

Today I made a deliiiiiiiiicious salad to use up some bacon…

Lettuce mix that was 50% spring mix, 50% spinach and some added kale. 37 more words


Garlic Harvest

Spent last night and tonight harvesting our garlic. Dug up about 1700 bulbs.

The plants were a bit disappointing this year. Not sure if the seed was weak, or if we need to work the soil a bit better. 83 more words


Parsley Pesto + Chickpea Salad

Post by Anna

It’s summer, which means the how-fast-can-you-go-through-a-shit-ton-of-leafy-greens game is on! Juggling my own garden and a first time CSA share has brought me face to face with a bounty of wonderful vegetables and their tiny, tiny shelf lives. 563 more words

Made By Anna

Some field work

Some experiments with creating moods in lightroom. I fond the first one better than the second but then again… Pictures taken in the Belgian Ardennes in February.