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To Bench Press, Or Not To Bench Press?

How much can you bench bro?

Since the beginning of the bodybuilding ages this has been the question asked among men to rank themselves as alpha males within their group. 875 more words

Studying with Art

It’s been a while but it’s been worth it. Been learning a ton and love every second of it so you can’t blame me for not taking the time to work on an actual drawing in forever! 376 more words


Scapular Strength and Stability

There seems to be a lot of hype these days around scapular stability. Hopefully it is due to the fact that athletes are becoming more aware of shoulder function and how the scapulae play a very important role in the stability and strength of the shoulder. 1,299 more words

My Hometown Family Doctor - Was He a Closet Doughnut Junkie?

I live in California today. I was born here, but only lived here for two years as a baby and then grew up in Hamilton, Ohio. 1,092 more words